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5 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money Online

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how to make money online

Why you aren’t making money online

Every year more and more people are coming online to become the next internet millionaire. They have high expectations and think they will be making money in no time. Well, if you are one of those people, I am going to give you 5 reasons why you aren’t making money online so you can save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment.

1) No Ambition

You are trying to find a way to do nothing all day and still make money. Good luck with that! It’s not going to happen. If it was really that easy then everyone would do it and we would all be rich. Yes, there is such a thing as passive residual income, but it takes a lot of time and hard work before you can reap the rewards of that.

2) You Have a Lot to Learn

You might have graduated from Harvard at the top of your class but that doesn’t mean you know anything about making money online. Learning about all the various ways to make money online in addition to the many internet marketing strategies, and everything else involved with running an online business isn’t going to happen overnight. There’s a steep learning curve involved before you can become successful.

3) You Need a Mentor (or a better one)You either don’t have anyone successful to mentor you, or you are currently listening to the wrong person. There are several internet marketing gurus and A-list bloggers that beginners always seem to find somehow. The only problem is the majority of them don’t actually teach you anything useful about how to make money online. And if they do they expect you to pay astronomical amounts of money for a small amount of their time, or buy their new products that they come out with

If you really want to learn how to make money online you must follow people that will give you useful information without trying to sell you a new product every week. Find someone who truly wants to help you and see you succeed. Yes, you might have to pay them for their time. They need to make a living too, but you shouldn’t have to pay insane amounts of money for very little in return. There are also plenty of internet marketers who give out all the information you need for free on their

4) You Aren’t Listening

When you are actually given quality useful information by someone who truly knows internet marketing, you don’t listen to them for whatever reason. In order to be successful at making money online, you need to listen when other successful people give you useful advice. Don’t just shrug it off because it can be the difference between success and failure.

5) You Have No Patience

You’re trying to get rich quick and that is a losing battle. There are a few ways to make money online fast but most of them are unsustainable and only bring in small amounts at a time. Certainly not the amount of money you can make a living from. You need to realize right away that earning a living on the internet is an uphill marathon, not a downhill dash. There are very few rare exceptions to this rule so chances of you being the one are slim to none. If you don’t have a lot of patience you will get frustrated and quit.

Don’t take this article personally. The point of it is to explain some top reasons why many people are unable make money online even though they come into it with the best of intentions. Avoid getting sucked into these pitfalls and you will have a much better chance at becoming one of the success stories who are able to make their living online!

About the author:

Trent Brownrigg has been teaching aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself ways to make money online with your own internet business for several years. Visit one of his websites at to learn more.



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Design Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle

admin Posted in Work at Home Comments Off on Design Your Business to Fit Your Lifestyle

Four and a half years ago I became a mother to a beautiful and sweet girl named Bella. I knew I wanted to be a “mom” but also continue to expand my business. I committed to a three day a week work schedule so I could be mom on Mondays and Fridays and be Lisa Cherney, CEO of Conscious
Marketing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I took many steps to expand my business in 2009 and ultimately
triple my income
, and one of these steps was affirming this three days a week work lifestyle.

Think about your life and your business. Affirm and explore and decide on what lifestyle you want to have while balancing everything there is to balance. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who were like me many years ago, working six days a week, up late at night, not taking vacations. A lot of us are in business for ourselves because we didn’t want a boss. But we find thatwe’ve traded one boss for a worse boss – ourselves!

One of the things I really needed to do was to affirm what kind of lifestyle I wanted to have. So I did some soul searching and asked, is this three days a week work schedule for me? Maybe I should be working more – maybe that’s what’s going to help me increase my income.
I realized that working more was not the answer. The answer was that I needed to be smarter. This included questioning the way I was doing things and running my business. It led me to get some needed help for those tasks all businesses must deal with. It led me to think smarter about my approach and how I was selling (and charging for) it and completely overhaul many aspects of what I was doing. Because I need – and want – to stick with my three days a week schedule.

So affirm the kind of lifestyle you want to have and take the steps to make sure you can have it by designing your business to fit your lifestyle. For me it wasn’t trading hours for dollars anymore.

This may require steps that can feel like taking big risks, including:

  1. Saying “no” to low-end, smaller clients or projects that take a lot of time with little financial reward.
  2. Hiring help (virtual assistant, bookkeeper, cleaning service, etc.) even if it appears you can’t afford it right now.
  3. Raising your prices and/or creating a leveraged group program (or a high-end exclusive program). HINT: This is only limited by your ability to own and communicate the value of your expertise.
  4. Hiring a mentor that has achieved the goal you have (even it appears you can’t afford it right now.)
  5. Slowing down and/or taking a break from the day-to-day of your business in order to steer the ship in a new direction

For most of us out there, we didn’t go into business for ourselves so we could work 100 weeks and never take a day off. We’re doing it to have a certain kind of lifestyle. Are you living the lifestyle you want?

# # #

Lisa Cherney is a Marketing Intuitive and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™.  Lisa has helped thousands of business owners tap into their intuition and market their businesses from the ‘Inside Out’.

15 years she worked at Fortune 500 companies and top advertising agencies. Lisa tells her story in her co-authored book “Inspiration to Realization,” available at Conscious Marketing also offers workshops and coaching. Visit her website for more details or call 887-771-0156



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Attending Events: A Crucial Element in Growing a Small Business

admin Posted in Work at Home Comments Off on Attending Events: A Crucial Element in Growing a Small Business

Women business owners are constantly bombarded with opportunities to attend events. Whether the events focus on networking, business building or creating a desirable work-life balance, these events are constantly touted as life-changing, knowledge-building and business-growing. Female entrepreneurs may wonder why there are so many events out there – and whether they’re effective.

Savvy business owners, coaches, consultants and educators create events to help others find success – and by choosing to attend an event that fits her specific needs and desires, and by then putting her new knowledge to use once she returns home, an entrepreneur greatly increases the likelihood of getting a good return on her investment. .

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether to attend an event – and if so, which one:

Knowledge is Profit: Research shows that when a female entrepreneur invests in her business by investing in her own knowledge, she sees a huge payoff. New knowledge can be the key that jumpstarts profitability in any business because it increases an entrepreneur’s effectiveness in the area of focus. If it’s knowledge an entrepreneur is after, then she should select an event based on how well it will cover the areas where she feels she needs more information, such as marketing or business plan development. Because live events often do require a substantial investment, a business owner should read through the material carefully to ensure that she will learn exactly what she needs to know during the event.

Recharging is Vital: Every hard-working female entrepreneur runs the risk of falling into the day-to-day rut of running a business – especially when things are going less smoothly than she would like. In cases like this, attending an event can revitalize a business owner. Simply getting into a new environment, being around new people – and getting away from the confines of her office – may provide her with a much-needed break from the daily grind. When she attends an event designed to meet her needs, the business owner then has the opportunity to gain new knowledge while recharging. No one operates well when they’re exhausted and drained. To operate at the high levels of performance most female entrepreneurs demand of themselves, they must take time out to refuel – and sometimes that’s as easy as getting a change of scenery among a group of like-minded professionals.

Networking is Crucial: Sharing experiences with other women in her shoes can greatly improve a woman business owner’s experience, outlook and attitude, as she works to grow her business. Attending an event with other women of similar mindset can provide a stimulating environment in which to share ideas, success stories and even hardships. Also, it can provide an opportunity for women to find partnership or affiliate opportunities that can stimulate growth. Finally, every woman business owner needs a support system; attending events is an excellent way to build such systems.

For female entrepreneurs, knowledge, recharging and networking are vital components when seeking business growth and personal improvement. Attending an event – one that is designed to meet her specific needs in a certain area – is a fun, easy and educational way to get all three!


Michele DeKinder-Smith is the founder of Jane out of the Box, an online resource dedicated to the women entrepreneur community. Discover more incredibly useful information for running a small business by taking the FREE Jane Types Assessment at Jane out of the Box. Offering networking and marketing opportunities, key resources and mentorship from successful women in business, Jane Out of the Box is online at

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