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The Importance of Running a Real Estate or Broker Office Efficiently

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Finding the perfect career can be a long journey. Many people have the desire to try out different business career paths in order to find what really fits them right. They learn to find their passion and learn where their strengths are, and where they can excel the most in what they do. There are a large number of people who move from sales, marketing, finance/banking and general business into a career in real estate.

When making a career change and becoming a realtor, there is quite a bit to be educated on along with learning to balance all a realtor needs to do. A realtor needs to make their clients feel that they are important, being listened to, and being taken care of. Their clients need to be reassured that everything is going smooth and moving forward. Someone who is selling their home doesn’t want to have the stress of worrying about the process and sale of their home. A realtor tends to need to act a bit of a “psychologist” and often needs to hold the hand of their client. This can be demanding on the realtor, because they also have quite a bit of paper work and back office responsibilities to keep up with ensuring everything runs smoothly with the sale of a client’s home.

A successful realtor will strive to develop the following qualities and traits: integrity and honesty, enthusiasm, knowledgeability, problem solving and truly understanding a client’s need and wants, but one of the most important qualities, for a realtor to have is paying attention to detail. It is of the utmost importance when dealing with so many pieces of required paperwork and financial transactions. The last thing a realtor needs is to worry about all the office and paper work that comes with the territory of being a realtor.

A real estate or a broker office needs to be run with efficiency, utilizing time management as a key to be successful. If a realtor or his office staff doesn’t present themselves in a professional way, getting things done in a timely matter, especially error free, they will start to get a poor reputation, leading to a loss in clients and sales. There are several computer programs on the market catering to realtors and brokers to help manage their offices. A perfect solution available is a software program called Brokermint.

Brokermint offers a real estate company or broker office to consolidate transaction management, commission calculation, and accounting into a singular software solution for all your real estate back office needs. When an office is able to save time and be more organized, they are able to gain more clients and increase revenue.

Some of Brokermint’s top features include:

*Transaction Management
*Commission Tracking
*Quickbooks Integration
*Offer Management
*API Connector
*Automated Checklist
*Dashboard & Reports
*White Label

It is always a smart move, as a realtor, to be looking for ways to not only better yourself in your knowledge and ways to work with people, but it is equally important to continue to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Take the time to find what will work best for your realtor or broker office.

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100 Free Home Party Games for Direct Sales Reps

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hpgamessmcover.jpg (10609 bytes)
Believe it or not, games at your home party can really make or break your show. They truly set the tone and atmosphere for what the rest of the show will be like. Never underestimate the power of a good game or two for breaking the ice and putting everyone at ease. Be yourself and have fun! The rest will take care of itself.

With more than 25 years experience in direct sales, we have collected over 100 party games so you won’t have to search anywhere else for those fun and unique ideas to get your parties off the ground.


Here are two highlighted games to

Sly Game

Ask guests to write the name of two friends,
two relatives, two neighbors and two club members. 
The first one finished wins a prize.  Explain to
everyone else that their guest list is already made out for when they
decide to have a party.   Is that sly or what?

Ask Me About My Job

For this game give tickets. Tell them they have 5 minutes to ask you
any questions they have about your business and for each question they
will get a ticket.  This is best done after you have
presented your career opportunity to them. 

Find more than 100 Home Party Game at Free Home Party Games


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