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Mental Myths: Debunking Common Psychic Misconceptions

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There are a lot of myths surrounding psychics. Movies and T.V. shows don’t help the stereotypes either. Sometimes, you do run into a phony. Other times, it’s a misguided soul. Still other times, your psychic is exceptional at reading people and has a really great unconscious understanding of psychology. But, don’t paint them all with the same brush. Here are a few myths you’ve probably heard before.

You’re Born Psychic And That’s Just The Way It Is

In some ways, this is true, but in some respects it’s not. Many psychics believe that all children are born with psychic abilities. Some train and develop them throughout their lives, while others forget their innate abilities and they grow out of them.

Think of it like an artist. Some people are naturally better artists than others. They have the vocal chords for singing perhaps. Maybe, they have a special understanding of spacial relationships and can draw like nobody’s business. Maybe, they have an ear for hearing music or a hand for sculpting. They have a choice: develop that skill or let it go. It’s the same with psychics.

Psychics Can Predict The Future

Not all psychics claim to be able to see into the future. In fact, respectable ones won’t claim this ability at all. Instead, they will tell you that they have good intuitive perception of what’s happening today – that’s all. If they could predict the future, they would have either lost everything on one night in Vegas or they would be the richest person in the world (or, at least extremely rich).

Psychics Can Cure People

Reputable companies, like TheCircle Psychics, treat psychic readings as a form of entertainment. They don’t make sweeping claims like “we can heal you of your ills.” If a person has cancer, no psychic can heal them. They need medical attention.

Miracle faith healing is for religious believers, not for those interested in psychics and psychic abilities. Instead, psychics focus more on helping you to heal yourself. They help you to understand yourself better, release negative energy and emotional pain, and that in turn will help you to heal yourself.

Psychics Are New-Age

The stereotypical psychic is “new age.” That’s something that has never dies, despite the fact that few psychics wear strange clothing or participate in that kind of lifestyle.

Psychics Can Read Your Mind

Psychics don’t read minds. This is probably one of the biggest myths out there. It seems intuitive that a psychic would do this. A psychic may feel a certain way about something, but that doesn’t mean they believe in a future that is set in stone.

They tend to focus on helping you become more introspective so that you can solve your own problems. In a way, they’re sort of like a psychotherapist that delves into your mind and tries to get at the root of a problem. That doesn’t mean they can’t, or aren’t good at, picking up on subtleties that give away your true thoughts and ideas. This is where they excel. It’s how they appear to be able to “read your mind” without actually getting in there with a scope.

Daniel Wiley has learned a lot about the field of psychic mediums in his quest to learn all he can about the power we each possess. He loves to write about what he has discovered on many different website blogs, so others can learn by what he finds.


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Buying Electronics: Money Saving Tips for Tech Junkies

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Like an apple falling from a tree, it’s inevitable – fan boys and girls continue to buy the latest in gadgets and accessories. However, being an electronics ‘collector’ costs. Get wired into the following tech tips to save money on your next buys.

Validate the Purchase

Sure, any techie walking through the mall or perusing online sites get an itchy buying finger but before pulling out the wallet or clicking the mouse, validate the purchase. Do you really need it now? Do basic models cost less? Could you wait for a sale, or find a coupon rather than buy now?

Validate the purchase and allow time to pass. Impulse buying is habitual and powerful urge, but you can deny it. Convince yourself you need an item at that moment in time. If you can’t, don’t buy.

Know the Best Vendors

To start, consider third party suppliers like Amazon and Best Buy. Such offer lower prices than most other retail stores. Amazon’s app allows you to scan a product’s bar code, seeing if it’s available at a lower price; buy it and get it shipped straight from your phone. and are retailers concentrated on the tech space.

These are good places to start your search to compare availability and price.

Secure Rebates and Coupons

Use Google search, combining terms like ‘coupons’ and ‘rebates’ with a product or electronic brand. Get your hands on coupons and pay less than full price for the latest gadgets. Ask friends and family members about making a purchase too, creating opportunity for bulk buys or wholesale pricing. Search for coupon codes on sites offerings thousands of coupons on independent and name brands.

Read Forums and Tech Reviews

Read tech reviews and ask questions in forums. Those currently using the products you desire can help guide you. It’s difficult to believe manufacturer-related testimonials and reviews, but you can ask ‘real’ people and get feedback in real time.

Aside from forums and articles, use social platforms (YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook) to grasp what others think about a given brand or product.

Establish Online Alerts

Receive an email each time the web publishes material related to a manufacturer coupon or a sale on the latest gadget. Go toGoogle Alerts and tailor incoming emails to your specifications.

Combine alerts with your zip code to find sales close by. Aside from cyber Monday, retailers host sales throughout the year.

Get a Job

Consider working for a retailer or manufacturer. Answer phones; work in a warehouse; or provide freelance articles and media bits to marketing departments. Find an ‘in’ and you’ll enjoy employee savings and in-house news about new gadgets and accessories.

You’ll save extra by making money while getting a reduced, employee price. Plus, you’ll be working with people who are also passionate about electronics and related conversation.

There’s no stopping the proliferation of electronic gadgets and brands, but you can put a stop to paying full price for products you want. Use Google search engine; find coupons online; and, consider a second job to save more on your electronic needs and wants.


Tim Redden’s brain has always understood technology since he started rebuilding devices from scraps at a child. After years working in IT and putting new tech to the test, he often blogs about the ins and outs of choosing and using today’s best technology.


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Time for A Very Royal Summer – Enjoy Big Prizes in this Exciting Bingo Promotion!

admin Posted in Totally Off Topic Comments Off on Time for A Very Royal Summer – Enjoy Big Prizes in this Exciting Bingo Promotion!

Here’s a great idea for moms looking for success! It’s called A Very Royal Summer and it’s the ideal bingo promotion to get you in the pound seats. This exciting game takes place on Tuesday the 22nd July at 9:30PM GMT. The name of the game is 90 ball bingo and moms will have an opportunity to play for a whopping tally of £8,888 in jackpot prizes. That’s a whole lot of winning goodness awaiting players in this thrill-a-minute bingo contest.

Details of A Very Royal Summer

90 ball bingo is the most popular bingo game in the United Kingdom. It’s also the game that will be featured at A Very Royal Summer on July 22nd 2014. This rollicking bingo promo is filled with lots of community-style fun, with players competing for a big jackpot prize pool of £8,888. One of the most interesting things about this promotion is that players can win prizes even if they don’t complete a winning bingo card. That’s because the Royally Great £8,888 jackpot even allocates prizes to players who have 1 number to go.

A Very Royal Summer takes place on Tuesday, 22 July 9:30 PM GMT. There are 4 divisions of prizes available to players, including players who complete a full house, two lines, one line and one to go. Below is the breakdown of all prizes in the royally great £8,888 promotion:

  1. Players completing a full house – 15 numbers – will share in a prize pool of £5,000
  2. Players completing 2 lines – 10 numbers – will share in a prize pool of £2,000
  3. Players completing 1 line – 5 numbers – will share in a prize pool of £1,000
  4. Players who have 1 number to go will share in a prize pool of £888

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Bingo Players

A Very Royal Summer is decidedly British, with plenty of royal fanfare. Players will notice that the theme is majestic from inception to the final bingo number. British Bobbies, the UK flag, Her Majesty’s crown jewels and so much more adorns the gaming arena at 888ladies. No skill or expertise is required to play this exciting bingo game. 90 ball bingo is ideal for moms looking for a lot of fun and plenty of winning potential. It’s a social game where players enjoy lots of chitchat, fun-filled entertainment and big rewards. The bingo callers are plenty of fun, and there is always a giggle or two waiting to be had.

Now for the best part: players can beat the mad rush and pre-buy their bingo tickets to this thrill-a-minute competition. A minimum of 2 bingo cards is required and a maximum of 96 bingo cards can be purchased; and they only cost £1 each. Since there are 4 divisions of prizes available to players, lots of winners are expected. If more than 1 winner is crowned for each category, those winners will share the available jackpot prize. All winnings will be paid into players’ accounts at the conclusion of the game, and the promotion is only available to funded members.

Great Games for Players this Summer

Bingoheads looking for fun will find plenty of gaming variety available at 888ladies. A wide range of slots games, scratchcard games, casino games and progressive jackpot games is available. Players can enjoy the likes of Chuzzle slots, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Blackjack and 3D Roulette among others. 75 ball bingo, Swedish bingo and progressive bingo are also available. For players looking to boost their bankroll right off the bat, a minimum deposit of £10 can be made to qualify for a £25 welcome bonus. A Very Royal Summer begins in earnest!


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