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Become a Marketing Maven Mom

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Whether its direct sales businesses such as Arbonne, Discovery Toys, Mary-Kay, Pampered Chef or a business we started from scratch, everyone struggles finding the right way to market their business. Many of us moms barely have time to think, let alone market our business. On the other hand, if you don’t market yourself, you won’t have a business to market.

Here are five steps to get you started.


1. Build a company profile
From a marketing perspective, we need to ask ourselves, what do I want the company to look like? This is one of the most important questions in business and it should be reexamined every six months to a year, even more often for start-up businesses. Concentration in a specifically defined market will actually bring the right kind of clients, rather than bringing headaches. We cannot be all things to all people. Know who you are and stick to it.

2. Think of the client first
Look at getting a new client like dating. In most cases on the first date, a person in not looking for a marriage proposal and if they are, turn and run. Most people are interested in getting to know the other person. Start looking at your initial business contacts the same way. By having similar interests with our clients, it gives us talking points. Common ground is vital to creating a lasting relationship – in business or in dating.

3. Develop a marketing strategy
Determine the format that will give you the best bang for our buck. Our marketing strategy is about having a multiple stream approach. Just issuing one direct mailer or one press release is not enough. Marketing tools and tactics must be implemented over and over again to see a return on our investment. It is important to be in front of your potential clients on a consistent and persistent basis. Turn those multiple streams into a rushing river to your business’ door.

4. Define a marketing calendar
This means giving our selves deadlines for completing the steps outlined in our marketing strategy. If the marketing strategy is not done yet, make that the first item on the list. By assigning a specific date to each task, it makes the task concrete and attainable.

5. Implementation
Now that the marketing strategy and calendar are complete it is time to get started. If you are now motivated to get the job done – great! If you are like most of us and not very
self-motivated to market your business, find a marketing partner that will hold you accountable. Meet with that person as often as you need to stay on track. Things change quickly in business and not meeting the deadlines in our marketing calendar will derail our efforts.

Follow each of these steps and things will begin to change for the better. Mastering marketing is about taking small steps on a daily basis and then watching our future business change drastically.


Kris Aoki is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International as well as a marketing coach, writer and editor. Contact Kris at 303-868-3789, visit her website  or email her


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Support for Your Business; Starting at Home

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As things have been a bit crazy around our house since starting a home based business, I have been thinking how lucky and blessed that I am to have a husband who is supportive in my business endeavors. I hear time and time again from women that their spouses are not only unsupportive, but in fact they tease, taunt and try to make their wives feel like they are silly to even attempt a business. My heart goes out to these women, and it saddens me to hear stories like this.

It is difficult to pursue a dream when the person who is to be your closest friend and supporter acts just the opposite. I sometimes wonder why some spouses act this way, but will never fully understand. I can only assume a variety of reasons: jealousy, fear of change, feelings of neglect.

If you have a supportive spouse – be thankful and grateful and let them know you appreciate them. Many times my husband will help make it possible for me to have an uninterrupted work slot. He either leaves with our children to go on an outing or they play together in another area of the house. There has also been many times where he has put his own on hold if he knows I have a deadline to meet.

If you have a spouse who is less than enthusiastic about your business, sit down and have a heart to heart talk when it is just the two of you. Tell him how you feel and what you see happening. Find out why he feels or acts the way he does and tell him what you need from him. If he is not willing to work with you on this and be a supporter of you and your business, but at the same time tells you to do what you want with having your own business, it is time to find a friend to be your supporter. Running a business while managing a home and children to tend to is hard without the help and encouragement of someone close. If you can’t get that from your spouse, then seek out a close friend. She can be used as a sounding board, a cheerleader, and even as a baby-sitter at times when you need to focus on your business. Once your success begins to grow, that spouse of yours may see you in a new light and come on board as an avid supporter.

Don’t give up your dreams and what you see as an opportunity for success, simply because your spouse is not living up to your expectations in regards to your business. Try to find the alternatives that can make it work for you.


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When to Say When

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Goals are Dreams with Deadlines: How Goal Clarity Will Get You Where You Want

stressed out woman

When to Say When

Do you know when to say "When"? Not to stereotype our gender, but it does seem that women seem to have a problem with being able to say "no" to the requests for our time, services and money. When friends and colleagues come to us for our expertise in what we do, we gladly give away our knowledge and insight. Many times though, this can also lead into using your skills and services. If this goes on without keeping it in check, soon you find that what you typically get paid for from your clients, you are now doing free for those close to you, which in turn, uses up too much of your time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we never offer our help and services, but you need to know where to draw the line. All of us home based business owners are trying to create an income for ourselves and that is not going to be possible if you spend most of your time giving away your services.

I mention services here because this is the area where it seems to be most common. (Those who sell products have also had many people approach them wanting a discount on the products which cuts into what their income could be.) When people give away their services for free – this cuts into their time where they could be either doing work for paying customers or actively pursuing some new customers.

This is something that I personally have struggled with most of my life. I tend to be the type that loves to give and has a hard time receiving, and I hope I never change in that aspect. But during the first several years after leaving my full-time job to run a home based business, I was required to change in the way I think and feel when I do need to say no to someone. I needed to do this because I no longer had the luxury of a steady guaranteed income that came from my job outside the home. After becoming a full time work at home mom, it was a necessity to create a new steady income. I still feel very guilty at times when saying no. But I found, for the first couple years of running my home based business, there were times where literally well over half the time I spent each week "working", I was giving my services away. Again – nothing wrong with helping others and contributing our time and talents to others IS something we all should do. Many times this is an excellent way to build alliances or barter for other products/services that you need. But you need to get to the point where you put a limit on the time you can spend doing this. If we all had the steady income that we desire, and most of the time truly needing to bring in, then we wouldn’t need to worry about any amount of time and energy spent on free services.

Does this mean you shouldn’t help others or offer your services without pay? Absolutely not. But it does mean learning to prioritize and coming to the realization that you cannot do everything for everybody and grant every request coming your way. So, know when to say "when" and try not to feel guilty about setting boundaries and limitations for yourself and your business.


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