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Marketing At Nice Prices: The Best Options For Small Businesses

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Marketing covers everything related to gaining and retaining customers. It’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t need clients. But usually speaking about marketing, entrepreneurs fall into the trap of stereotypes: it is resource-intensive, difficult, time-consuming and to some extent even dangerous – the wrong promotion strategy can harm the business.

It is important to move away from misconceptions and misinterpretations. A small amount of resources is not a sentence. Any business needs marketing, and you have no reason to think that all that remains for your small company is to showcase its online presence on social media.

Let’s see what methods you can use to improve your marketing so that you do not break the bank and remain a winner.

Option #1: Stay Local

Your company is not aimed at global domination in a specific niche and is certainly not going to compete with the giants of the chosen field. Therefore, contrary to the common saying, try to think more narrowly, or rather, within the local framework.

So, your choice is local SEO. In other words, this is targeting a specific region where your business is located, and actively promoting in local communities, including regionally linked keywords in content and tags, as well as listing your business in online catalogs.

A little more detail about each variant.

Local communities are Klondike of potential clients. Knowing that there is a company nearby that produces high-quality products or provides first-class services, people tend to go there – this is a kind of good neighborliness effect. In addition to the communities on social networks, where you can declare yourself, it makes sense to take part in local events, as well as organize them by yourself.

Location-based keywords are another small trick. Thanks to it, customers who write the search query “buy something in such a city” will see you first of all – unless, of course, you take care of adding relevant keywords to your content, descriptions and meta tags in advance.

Online directories are even easier: to get started, it is enough to add an account to Google My Business and some local databases, if any. Then, the name of your company name will begin to catch the eye on maps and lists. And the more eyes it catches, the better.

Option #2: Create Useful Content

Everybody heard about content marketing but nobody saw it? In fact, this is not entirely true: high-quality content does not really scream about itself right and left, which, for example, may be true for paid advertising. It works covertly and inexorably: clients cannot even indicate a specific moment when they began to prefer expert articles from one company.

Working with content can be called the cheapest, but by no means the easiest. However, we think you are ready to go. Building authority in your field is a huge advantage that will play into your hands many times when clients find themselves at a crossroads of choice. Once posted on your site, an article that has helped resolve their issue will tip the scales in your favor. And the person who has received valuable information from your post will tell his or her friend about it, opening the way for word of mouth. Isn’t that cool?

Content marketing doesn’t deliver instant results, and you’ve probably heard of it. This is a long-term strategy that works for your business around the clock: once published articles will not go anywhere and will attract new readers again and again. 

If you do not have good writers on the staff, and professional ethics does not allow you to contact freelancers (which is absolutely correct), you can seek help from a marketing company that will deal specifically with content marketing. For example, ZRC Marketing Group effortlessly weaves a sleek and engaging network of authoritative content that slowly but surely reaches your clients. And while you master the other options on our list today, your articles will already work to generate leads, increase trust, and enhance expertise.

Option #3: Improve Your Website

When marketing your small business is up and running and getting people to your site, it’s important that they have something to look at. Interestingly, many neglect this when relying on social media. But the latter always remains a third-party platform, while your site is your fortress, your stronghold, and a kind of business card.

A quick response, good page loading speed, and a variety of useful content have a decisive influence on the performance of the targeted action by users: whether it is filling out a form, buying or navigating to another page of the site.

Since we’ve already talked about stereotypes, here’s another one: many people think that a good website is too expensive for a small business. Let’s say this: not having a website will cost you more, because you will miss out on a lot of awesome lead generation opportunities. Building a website is a one-time investment and will absolutely not hit your business as hard as it seems. There are many different price options. Among them, you will find those that are quite affordable, which does not affect their quality.

So, your site should be responsive, that is, adapted for mobile devices. More than 60% of interaction with the Internet is realized through mobile devices, and about 70% of people tend to leave the site if it has not taken care of mobile adaptation.

Once on the site, people should be easy and quick to find what they need. For this, the navigation and blocks on the page must be optimized. The same goes for page load times. If it takes more than three seconds on average to load a page, then more than half of visitors leave it. Therefore, efficient small businesses should invest enough time in optimizing their site, including customizing images, to reduce page load times.

Good Results at Low Cost: Conclusions

We’ve provided three options to help you work wonders for small business marketing with limited resources. Not only will they enable you to achieve better results, but they will also provide an opportunity to channel your efforts in the right direction to get the most out of your investment.


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How to Keep Your Teens Healthy When You’re Working From Home

admin Posted in Family | Comments Off on How to Keep Your Teens Healthy When You’re Working From Home

These days, working from home has become the new normal for many people. Remote connections to clients and offices across the country are being utilized as people seek to avoid being in larger groups of others indoors for extended periods of time. While such a situation might be allowing you to spend some more quality time with your family, it is also very likely causing some other disruptions to your home life/work life balance.

When you work from home, it can be easy to allow the lines between your home life and your work life to blur. For instance, because your work is accessible right from home, you are likely spending more time engaged with your work than you used to when it was possible to simply leave work at the office. You might be wondering if this is affecting other areas of your home life, such as your efforts to provide a healthy and stable home for your teens.

If you are concerned about your teen’s wellness when you are working from home, there are a few things you can do to help ease your mind.

Utilize the Resources Available to You

While you are working from home, it can feel like you are trying to wear all your hats at once. You are trying to be a professional and get your work done, keep the house tidy, the family fed, and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. In such cases, it is important to understand that you cannot be expected to do and know everything. Rather, you should look to utilize the resources at your disposal instead of trying to accomplish everything yourself.

If your parents live nearby, ask if they can help hang out with their grandkids one afternoon a week. Instead of trying to shop for and cook a wholesome meal every night, try a healthy meal delivery subscription for a couple nights a week. The same principal applies when you suspect that your teen isn’t living the physically and mentally healthy lifestyle that you want for them.

There are a number of resources available to parents of teens who are struggling with all sorts of issues, such as the ones found at Don’t feel that you are alone in your efforts to provide a healthy home for your children while also trying to work from home.

Know Your Boundaries

Since working from home has caused many parents to feel as though they have to multitask throughout the day, acting as a parent and a working professional at the same time, trying to play both roles at once will only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle for you and your family. It is crucial that you set the boundaries between work and home life and that you stick to them.

Start with the simple things, like a designated time when the workday ends. Try to avoid the temptation to continue working past that time so that you can connect with your teen without the screens.

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Four Ways Professionals can Work on Their Networking During Quarantine

admin Posted in Working for Success | Comments Off on Four Ways Professionals can Work on Their Networking During Quarantine

Man on Computer

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners that relied heavily on in-person networking opportunities are finding themselves faced with a daunting lack of occasions to promote their brand. The reality is that large group meetings and other social events will be postponed for the foreseeable future. Professionals should strive to evolve their networking skills by creating a digital-based networking strategy that’s grounded in an authentic attempt to build relationships and forge mutually beneficial strategic alliances. Reconnecting with your professional vision, and linking your skillset to areas in the current economy that are thriving will help professionals architect a cohesive networking strategy that targets hyper-growth business areas.

The Networking Landscape Has Changed so You Should Too

The current economic conditions that have been ushered in by COVID-19 were brought about by unexpected circumstances that have devastated entire industries. Being able to sort through the mounds of bad news to find the diamonds in the rough will help professionals focus on networking during these uncertain times.

Before jumping into any networking scenario, it’s essential to have a clear roadmap that identifies specific networking strategies, tactics, and tools that map out a possible series of results that would support your vision. Writing a manifesto or creating a vision board can help to paint a clear picture of your goals, and this is an excellent place to make any necessary changes.

Networking involves both nurturing and building. When looking to expand your network, targeting your efforts in the direction of thriving industries will maximize your impact. LinkedIn has compiled a full list of companies that are currently hiring more staff to meet the new demands that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to their doorstep. Industries that are doing massive hiring right now are logistics, supply chain, delivery, gaming, communications, and many more.

The last step that should be taken before launching a new networking strategy is to figure out if and how you need to pivot your products or services to fit areas in the economy that are flourishing. Creating a flowchart that shows how exactly your products or skills can be leveraged as an asset in these industries will help you to take advantage of opportunities that come along.

These Four Tips Will Fuel Your Networking Endeavors During Stay-at-Home Orders

  1. Start by Nurturing Your Current Relationships

One big question about networking that’s on everyone’s mind right now is whether or not to explicitly acknowledge the present situation. The short answer is, yes. Checking in with your contacts and simply asking them how they are doing is a great way to start the conversation, and will forge a long-term relationship by showing genuine concern for their health and safety. If the conversation organically calls for the need to offer services or products, you may be able to provide solutions even at a discounted rate, but be careful not to sell. Stay focused on presenting solutions in a spirit of partnership.

  1. Video Conferencing is Vital

Video conferencing is the most powerful tool in your networking toolbox, so be sure to study video etiquette since most meetings do (and will continue to) take place on a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Learning how to navigate video conferencing tools to host webinars, calls, or other mass check-ins fluidly will reflect on your professional skills and allow you to nourish your community of contacts effectively.

Tools like are free resources that can be used to market your expertise and also contribute to a good cause at this time when people are in need. A more casual approach may involve using tools such as Houseparty to stay connected and host fun events.

  1. Harness the Power of Social Media

Social distancing conditions have spiked social media engagement across the board. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this platform and all other virtual mediums such as email, video chat, live streaming, instant messaging, electronic faxing, and beyond. Social media is also an excellent way to advertise any exclusive products or services that you have to offer. If you’re not sure what to do, look at what other brands are doing to increase exposure without the ability to do live events.

  1. Master the Art of Following up

Companies are going through an adjustment period, even if they are doing well, and building new relationships can currently be difficult. Many people may not have the time or wherewithal to entertain new ventures, and rejections could be the result of small businesses or individuals struggling financially. Approaching people in an authentic manner and offering to circle back around when things calm down is appropriate.


Networking during this time of social distancing is still possible. Both people in your network and new connections will be able to see the value of your offerings when you take the time to build relationships that can weather any storm.

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