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3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

admin Posted in Doing Business Online | Comments Off on 3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

When someone searches for a keyword that is related to your small business, ideally, you would like for your website to appear near the top of the ranking list. This makes it more likely that someone will visit your website thinking that what you offer most closely fits what they are looking for.

However, with billions of web pages out there and plenty of competing websites that you are trying to rank ahead of, it can be tough to know just how to achieve the more ideal ranking spots.

Theoretically, you would be able to have your website appear within the top few results of a search engine result page. Once you start drifting into “page two” territory, your likelihood of getting clicks goes down substantially. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do in order to improve your search engine ranking so that you can end up with a higher place on a search engine results page.

Here are three such ways in which you can accomplish just that.

1. Use Backlinks

Backlinks are valuable tools to utilize when your goal is to improve your search engine ranking. Essentially, this involves having links to your website embedded into other web pages that aren’t a part of your site. In general terms, if a search engine like Google recognizes that your website is being linked to from another website, that can help establish your site’s credibility and thus improve your ranking.

The key to a successful backlink strategy involves having your link embedded on credible websites that carry some authoritative weight themselves. Finding these websites and working out a partnership that will allow for your website to be linked to a page on it can be a tricky task, though. It is a good idea to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency like Click Intelligence that specializes in such things.

2. Focus on Content

Back when the concept of search engine rankings and SEO was first being developed, it was wrongly assumed by many that all you had to do in order to have your website appear in an ideal place on a search engine results page was throw any content that was remotely relevant onto a web page.

As time has progressed, however, and more information about the manner in which search engine algorithms work became available, it was discovered that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, search engines like Google use a highly sophisticated algorithm to rank web pages, and quality content plays a significant role. Make sure that your content is of a high standard in order to improve your ranking.

3. Update Regularly

When looking to improve your search engine ranking, you have to do more than let your website be as it is. You should look to post regular updates and keep your content current. This will help keep your site relevant to a search engine’s algorithm, thus improving your ranking and increasing your chance of attracting more customers.

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4 Ways to Balance Working from Home with Being a Mom

admin Posted in Work at Home | Comments Off on 4 Ways to Balance Working from Home with Being a Mom

When starting a business from home it can take up a lot of your time, particularly to begin with, which means it is important that you find a good work-to-mom balance. As working from home does not require you to physically leave the house to work, it means you are living in the same environment you are working in, which is why it is crucial you separate your work life to your home life.

Set a routine

Routines are particularly beneficial when you are running a business from home and have the responsibilities of a mom at the same time. If your child goes to daycare during your working hours, that is already a good starting point for a routine as you can have set working hours, and still make time for family duties such as taking your child to the dentist, for information on family friendly dentistry, search asheville dentist.

Separate work and home life

For many moms, it can be hard to separate work life and home life if your business demands a lot of your attention, which is often the case. If you have not already, try and physically separate your work and home life by setting up a designated workspace in a separate room of the house. This way, you are not just sitting on the couch or in your bedroom, which will not only make you feel more productive, but it will also help you switch off from your work responsibilities after work hours.

Once your work hours are over, turn off your laptop and designate time to spend with your child. It can be tempting to check your emails late at night, but part of being a mom is making sacrifices to your children and sometimes that means watching cartoons with your child instead of being on your phone.

Make time in the evenings

The evenings are your time. Cook a nice family meal, relax and enjoy the company you have around you. You can worry about work related things tomorrow.

You can find out how to make the most of your evenings here.

Take time out

For anyone who works from home, it can be challenging and stressful, especially if you are running a business by yourself with a young child to care for too. A lot of moms feel guilty whenever they consider taking some time out just for themselves to relax and often just breathe. You should never feel guilty from needing a mind de-clutter in the form of a nice hot bath and glass of wine. Looking after yourself is a key way you can balance your work life and mom life as you are giving yourself well needed time out, which means you are more likely to carry a positive attitude at home and at work.

Most importantly, remember you are doing the best you can as a work from home mom. It is not easy setting up a business from home when you are a full-time mom, so give yourself credit whenever it is due.

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Home Improvement: 5 Simple Tips to Create Immediate Appeal on a Budget

admin Posted in Personal & Family | Comments Off on Home Improvement: 5 Simple Tips to Create Immediate Appeal on a Budget

paint cans and paint brushWhether you’re planning to have a full-scale renovation or a minor remodeling project, changing or upgrading a property doesn’t always have to mean high expenditure. With some preparation, research, and elbow grease, you can turn your vision from a mere dream into a reality without spending more than you can or need. And this is especially important to those who are working with limited finances. And to make sure that your home improvement project creates immediate appeal on a budget, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Get the paint out

Colour plays a critical role in the overall look and appeal of a home. And whether you prefer the subtle and subdued approach of neutral tones or more striking wild themes, paint is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to create appeal. Not only are the materials and equipment relatively cheap. But it doesn’t necessarily require professional services because it’s a do-it-yourself job. So, don’t underestimate a nice fresh coat of paint. It can make a difference without putting a sizeable dent in your bank.

  1. Make use of green technology

Appeal isn’t just about looks. It’s also about functional upgrades that improve the quality of life. And one of the best ways to go about this is by adopting green technology. From switching out your existing lighting systems to utilising solar panels, making your home energy-efficient will not only lower your monthly utilities significantly. But it’ll also make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

  1. Go for bespoke furniture

If you want to make your home unique and stand out among the rest, you may want to go for bespoke furniture. From bespoke wardrobes to vanity units and storage desks, custom-made items will not only help you add a personal touch to your house. But the versatility in their design means that you won’t have to worry about getting them to fit in an area, especially smaller spaces.

  1. Incorporate flora into the home

These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t make use of indoor flora as accent pieces. And for a good reason: not only can they elevate the look and atmosphere of a house. But some plants have air-purifying qualities to ensure that the air you breathe remains free of any harmful toxins and bacteria.

  1. Give the home a good clean

It may sound rudimentary, but cleaning your home can go a long way in making it look good. Not only will clearing up the clutter and organising your living area make it look more presentable. But it can make the living space look much larger than it is and save you money on increasing its square footage.

Home improvement doesn’t always have to be a costly endeavour. In actuality, it can be quite affordable. And with all the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be able to transform your home at a price that you’ll be more than happy to pay.

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