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How to Keep Your Teens Healthy When You’re Working From Home

admin Posted in Family Comments Off on How to Keep Your Teens Healthy When You’re Working From Home

These days, working from home has become the new normal for many people. Remote connections to clients and offices across the country are being utilized as people seek to avoid being in larger groups of others indoors for extended periods of time. While such a situation might be allowing you to spend some more quality time with your family, it is also very likely causing some other disruptions to your home life/work life balance.

When you work from home, it can be easy to allow the lines between your home life and your work life to blur. For instance, because your work is accessible right from home, you are likely spending more time engaged with your work than you used to when it was possible to simply leave work at the office. You might be wondering if this is affecting other areas of your home life, such as your efforts to provide a healthy and stable home for your teens.

If you are concerned about your teen’s wellness when you are working from home, there are a few things you can do to help ease your mind.

Utilize the Resources Available to You

While you are working from home, it can feel like you are trying to wear all your hats at once. You are trying to be a professional and get your work done, keep the house tidy, the family fed, and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. In such cases, it is important to understand that you cannot be expected to do and know everything. Rather, you should look to utilize the resources at your disposal instead of trying to accomplish everything yourself.

If your parents live nearby, ask if they can help hang out with their grandkids one afternoon a week. Instead of trying to shop for and cook a wholesome meal every night, try a healthy meal delivery subscription for a couple nights a week. The same principal applies when you suspect that your teen isn’t living the physically and mentally healthy lifestyle that you want for them.

There are a number of resources available to parents of teens who are struggling with all sorts of issues, such as the ones found at Don’t feel that you are alone in your efforts to provide a healthy home for your children while also trying to work from home.

Know Your Boundaries

Since working from home has caused many parents to feel as though they have to multitask throughout the day, acting as a parent and a working professional at the same time, trying to play both roles at once will only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle for you and your family. It is crucial that you set the boundaries between work and home life and that you stick to them.

Start with the simple things, like a designated time when the workday ends. Try to avoid the temptation to continue working past that time so that you can connect with your teen without the screens.

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The Rise of the Stay-at-home Working Mom

admin Posted in Family Comments Off on The Rise of the Stay-at-home Working Mom

Rise of the Stay-at-home Working Mom

Raising children isn’t a walk in the park for most moms. About 43 percent of women quit their fulltime jobs when they give birth, according to Brie Reynolds. There has been a steady increase in the number of stay-at-home working moms over the years. Most of them choose to work at home to spend more time with their families, and visit a suncasino for fun. The following are some of the reasons why some women choose to be stay-at-home mothers.

Balancing Work with Parenting

Lack of job opportunities is a leading cause of the dramatic increase in the number of stay-at-home moms among millennials. Taking care of young children is a fulfilling job for many mothers. Some of them chose to forego employment opportunities in distant towns to take care of their families. Millennials believe that it is tricky to balance family and fulltime jobs.

Over 80 percent of new mothers prefer working at home due to family flexibility. Most of them are concerned with the struggles and joy of being a stay-at-home working mom. Some millennials learn new skills including tutoring and teaching piano to earn a living as they stay at home. Besides, some moms ask for more flexibility and freedom at their workplaces thus opting to work at home. Recent studies reveal that the U.S. has few family policies. The law doesn’t compel all organizations to give expectant employees a paid maternity leave.

High Cost of Child Care

About 40 percent of working moms prefer to stay at home, according to the Pew Research Centre. Other moms are forced to remain at home due to joblessness and chronic health conditions. The cost of childcare is high in the U.S. It equals the salaries of many working moms. Some people prefer working from home as they take care of their families.

At-Home Parenting Benefits All Children

Old and young children benefit from stay-at-home parenting, according to a 2014 study. It significantly boosts their performance in school. Some parents tutor their children at home. Homeschoolers earn more percentile points compared to public school scholars, according to research by the National Home Education Research Institute.

Many people have varying opinions about stay-at-home moms. Some think that they are lazy while others believe that choosing to be a stay-at-home mother is a wise decision. Nevertheless, such mothers make a lot of sacrifices for their families. It includes balancing family and work commitments. They spend a lot of time with their children as they nurture them.

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How to Find a Divorce Lawyer that can Protect Your Rights as a Mom

admin Posted in Family, How To's Comments Off on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer that can Protect Your Rights as a Mom

Not every marriage works out, and sometimes things don’t fall apart until kids get involved. When you find yourself faced with a divorce in which child custody is an issue, you need to consult with the right group of family lawyers to protect your rights as a soon to be a single mom. The right divorce lawyer for you can connect with you as a person, has experience in child custody cases, and has probably helped several other clients in your home region.

The Personal Connection

Most divorce lawyers offer free consultations where you can speak directly with the lawyer and determine whether the professional is a good fit for your case. You should take advantage of the chance for a free consultation to speak with multiple family lawyers in Aurora and Newmarket. In addition to getting a chance to speak directly with the lawyer before making a final decision on whether that individual should represent you in court, this also gives you a chance to see which divorce lawyers fit you as a person. A legal case requires you to be on the same page as your counsel, so you should form a bond of trust between yourself and the divorce lawyer in Newmarket or Aurora that you finally choose.

Experience in Your Area

Your divorce lawyer should have experience in the field but also experience in the region where your case will be held. This is important not because of any changes in the law, but because divorce lawyers who have experience in your area are likely to know about preferences of judges who might determine your case and tendencies of certain other lawyers who might represent the other party. When it comes to family lawyers, experience counts in all areas. With that said, energy, vigor, and trust are also very important. Your family lawyer needs to provide zealous representation for you, especially if child custody is involved. Find somebody who has experience and energy, and you will be in the best position possible.

A History of Child Custody Cases

If children are involved in your divorce, it’s important for you to remember that divorce proceedings can get radically different when it comes to matters of custody. Some family lawyers in Aurora might have extensive experience in dealing with divorce cases but relatively little in terms of child custody. Every custody case is a little bit different, which is one of the reasons why your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer in Newmarket is so important. By being open and honest about your situation, you can find a lawyer whose experience matches your situation.

Divorce proceedings are always difficult, but your search for a divorce lawyer shouldn’t be. By utilizing the opportunity to consult with family lawyers in your area and making sure that you find a match not only in terms of experience but also personality, you can find a professional who will represent not only your needs but also the needs of your children.

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