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Educational Presents for Children

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Educational Presents

Not only is it difficult getting the right gift for a child these days, but it can also be daunting to find one that is educational, too. There are a variety of toys and gadgets that might do nothing in the way of teaching the little one new things. However, there are also items that can help him or her learn better in school or just find out more about the things that make up our wonderful world.

To make it slightly easier for parents to make up their minds about what they should select for their kids, we have put together a list of products that might make great educational presents. Check them out below.

How about a microscope?

If you’re thinking of teaching your kid the basics of biology, a microscope might make just the right type of gift. Of course, you will have to keep the age of the child in mind so as to avoid getting devices that are simply far too complex to handle by a very young individual.

Nevertheless, a note must be made in relation to the design of some microscopes. While compound alternatives can be hefty and hard to work with, some choices are very easy to use. These are called USB microscopes, but in most cases, you’ll notice that they are, in fact, magnifiers, not real optical devices the same caliber as a microscope.

The neat thing about USB models, though, is that the market’s overflowing with some affordable alternatives, so if you do decide to pick one of these in the beginning, at least you’ll know you haven’t spent a fortune. Besides, you can never know whether you’ll manage to convince the little one to actually use the microscope, right?

Telescopes and the like

Other optical instruments that might make great gifts range from telescopes and monoculars to spotting scopes and binoculars. While some telescopes are primarily designed for astronomy purposes, the rest of the devices that we have mentioned should mostly be used for terrestrial viewing.

Consider the usefulness of each of these options. It’s true that some telescopes can be hefty and as such, might not be too easy to take to a field nearby your home so as to watch the stars without any light pollution. So, they might not be winners when it comes to portability.

By contrast, monoculars and binos can be used in most situations. If you’re planning a trip to a safari with the rest of your friends and family, you should consider getting a kids’ binocular for this purpose exactly. You won’t be able to use the same pair of binoculars that you might own already, and that’s because kids’ eyes are close-set and let’s face it, binos for adults are way too heavy to be held conveniently.

Stimulate their creativity

An educational present doesn’t necessarily have to be categorized as scientific in order for it to be truly useful. Perhaps the kid you’re looking to surprise is into painting, creating handmade jewelry, or even repairing things around the house. There are kits for all of these activities, so don’t hesitate to consider one if you see that the child is particularly interested in one of these pastimes.

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5 Great Gift Ideas for a Naming Ceremony

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Gift Ideas for a Naming Ceremony

As spring approaches, it can feel like the start of the season for christening and naming ceremonies. While go-to gifts for christenings tend to favor the traditional – silver gifts such as engraved baby cups, jewelry or money boxes – when it comes to naming ceremonies, you can think ‘outside the box’. Rather than clothes or toys, which will soon be grown out of or discarded, why not gift something a little bit unusual; something that will wow the parents and remain a treasured keepsake? If you need some inspiration, here are some great gift ideas for you:

1.     Imprints to capture memories

How many of us wish we could stop time and have a permanent reminder of how tiny our baby’s precious little hands and feet once were? The saying is definitely true – they grow up so fast, it really can feel like it happens in the blink of an eye. Options within this category include sets to record hand- and footprints using ink – including some which incorporate mess-free ‘magic ink’ – as well as sets to cast them in clay.  You can order a set for the parents to make at home from sites such as Casting Keepsakes or gift an option to have the imprints cast in silver, gold or bronze. Another interesting slant on this theme is a gift voucher to have the baby’s first shoes cast in bronze. This type of keepsake is always a firm favorite, and is definitely an option that will be forever treasured.

2.     Name a star

What can be more wonderful than having a star named for the baby? In future years, this theme can be followed up with star maps and a telescope for birthdays. There are several companies offering this service, including The Star Name Registry. The gift comes in a presentation box, which includes the star deed, a star map and a silver frame for the deed. Also, in the unlikely event of a supernova, a new star will be assigned, so not only is this a permanent celestial reminder of the day, but it’s also future-proofed!

3.     Gift them literature

A gift of literature truly comes from the heart and can instill a lifelong passion for reading. Children’s classics such as Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and sets by Roald Dahl are very popular in this category. Not only will the family delight in the adventures, enjoying your gift for years to come but it can also – if not left dog-eared from use – be passed down to the next generation.

4.     Personalized, handmade gifts

Any online search will throw up a plethora of sites offering these unique gifts. They definitely show that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into selecting something that’s truly a ‘one off’ for the child in question. The online marketplace Etsy has a great selection of personalized photo frames. Available at various price points, these can include the child’s name, date of birth – or naming ceremony – and a lovely message.

5.     Gift cash/vouchers

This final choice may seem strange as it’s not classed as a ‘keepsake’. This, however, has got to be the most straightforward option and is perfect if you’re rather ‘’ at selecting your gift. Families will have a savings account or even a trust fund set up, so your gift will always be appreciated and can be saved towards a college fund, first car or even their first home. Alternatively, gift cards can be used by the family to purchase something special, especially when combined with other cash donations.

Hope these ideas help inspire you, there’s not greater feeling than knowing you’ve made the perfect choice and selected the perfect gift. Enjoy the special day!

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Fun Things for the Whole Family to Do While RVing in Kansas

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Fun Things  to Do While RVing in Kansas

Kansas gets kind of a bad rap for being a flat, desolate state that most people simply drive through on the way somewhere else. That’s not true! There are plenty of great things to do when you rent an RV and explore the state, especially if you’re traveling with young ones.

Here are some great vacation ideas if you find yourself in Kansas with the kids!

Visit a Zoo

There are a surprising number of zoos and animal sanctuaries in Kansas. The Topeka Zoo is probably the most popular. It features a tropical rainforest and free roaming animals, but it isn’t the only one.

A few other options include:

  • The Sedgwick County Zoo, which features 2,500 animals from 5 different continents
  • The K-State University Insect Zoo, if your kids are into creepy crawlies
  • Lee Richardson Zoo sits on 50 acres and offers free admission to the whole family
  • Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary & Education Center, if your kids have a thing for big cats

Have a Little Fun on the Farm

There was a time when flat and boring wasn’t a bad thing. Such a wide prairie expanse made it easy for our ancestors to farm. Today, there are plenty of fun opportunities to learn more about what living on the farm was like.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a popular place for families. It functions like a turn-of-the-century farmstead that features a wide array of amazing things that the kids will enjoy like:

  • A one-room schoolhouse
  • Dairy barn
  • Old-time fishing pond
  • 200 farm animals and birds of prey
  • Bottle-feeding baby goats
  • Milking cows
  • Ride in a wagon
  • Race a pedal tractor

Head Outdoors

Kansas is a big state. As a matter of fact, it’s the 15th largest state in the Union! With over 80,000 square miles, you can bet that it isn’t all flat grasslands and farms.

There are some really beautiful geological formations in Kansas that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, at Mushrooms Rock State Park, you can marvel at geological wonders that make you feel like you’ve stepped foot on another planet.

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is also worth a visit. Here, kids can touch the remnants of an inland ocean, ride an underground train, and observe the rock monoliths above.

Visit the Wild West

The Wild West holds a special place in many hearts, especially the hearts of children who want to become a cowboy! If your family is interested in the west, a stop at Dodge City is a must.

You can spend days exploring old residences, visiting museums, riding horses, and more. There is even a kid-friendly water park, if you need a day to remember that you’re actually in the 21st century!

Stop thinking of Kansas as a drive-through state and plan a vacation in your RV that allows you to soak up everything this state has to offer. Both the kids and the adults are sure to have a blast!

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