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4 Ways to Balance Working from Home with Being a Mom

admin Posted in Work at Home Comments Off on 4 Ways to Balance Working from Home with Being a Mom

When starting a business from home it can take up a lot of your time, particularly to begin with, which means it is important that you find a good work-to-mom balance. As working from home does not require you to physically leave the house to work, it means you are living in the same environment you are working in, which is why it is crucial you separate your work life to your home life.

Set a routine

Routines are particularly beneficial when you are running a business from home and have the responsibilities of a mom at the same time. If your child goes to daycare during your working hours, that is already a good starting point for a routine as you can have set working hours, and still make time for family duties such as taking your child to the dentist, for information on family friendly dentistry, search asheville dentist.

Separate work and home life

For many moms, it can be hard to separate work life and home life if your business demands a lot of your attention, which is often the case. If you have not already, try and physically separate your work and home life by setting up a designated workspace in a separate room of the house. This way, you are not just sitting on the couch or in your bedroom, which will not only make you feel more productive, but it will also help you switch off from your work responsibilities after work hours.

Once your work hours are over, turn off your laptop and designate time to spend with your child. It can be tempting to check your emails late at night, but part of being a mom is making sacrifices to your children and sometimes that means watching cartoons with your child instead of being on your phone.

Make time in the evenings

The evenings are your time. Cook a nice family meal, relax and enjoy the company you have around you. You can worry about work related things tomorrow.

You can find out how to make the most of your evenings here.

Take time out

For anyone who works from home, it can be challenging and stressful, especially if you are running a business by yourself with a young child to care for too. A lot of moms feel guilty whenever they consider taking some time out just for themselves to relax and often just breathe. You should never feel guilty from needing a mind de-clutter in the form of a nice hot bath and glass of wine. Looking after yourself is a key way you can balance your work life and mom life as you are giving yourself well needed time out, which means you are more likely to carry a positive attitude at home and at work.

Most importantly, remember you are doing the best you can as a work from home mom. It is not easy setting up a business from home when you are a full-time mom, so give yourself credit whenever it is due.

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5 Basic Steps to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Working Mom

admin Posted in Work at Home Comments Off on 5 Basic Steps to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Working Mom

Steps to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Working Mom

Financial management is a challenge for many working moms. Some women overspend on grocery shopping and cosmetics. It is important to set financial goals to manage your income and assets prudently. Create a weekly or monthly budget for your family’s expenditure. Working moms can use their disposable income to wager in to make profit. Besides, they can follow these five basic steps to achieve financial goals.

1. Set the Right Priorities

Compile a list of all activities you intend to save up for. They include paying your mortgage or buying a new car. Also, indicate why each activity is important to your family. It helps you prioritize your financial goals and create strategies on how you will achieve them.

2. Create a Time Frame

Typically, there are long term and short term financial goals. It is advisable to organize your goals based on their urgency. For instance, you can arrange them as medium-term goals, long-term goals, and short-term goals. An ideal long-term goal would be saving up for retirement. It is essential to have a definite time frame for each goal.

3. Evaluate Your Finances

Some people dread finding out how much money they have at a particular time. However, you need to calculate your income to avoid being heavily indebted. Accrued debts and expenses can hinder you from achieving certain financial goals. Working moms should write down their net monthly income, savings, debts and fixed expenses such as insurance and mortgage. Consider your finances when you create a budget.

4. Create a Realistic Strategy for Your Goals

Formulate a strategy on how you will achieve your financial goals once you set them. Pick actionable items to support each goal. For example, you can start saving $200 a week if you intend to purchase a family in two years. Many people overspend when they go for grocery shopping. Financial analysts recommend creating meal plans for each week.

5. Track Your Progress

Most short-term goals need little financial commitment compared to long-term targets. You could set up an emergency fund for short-term goals. Prepare properly for long term goals such as college education for your children and early retirement. Assess your progress after a few months to adjust your financial plans.

Besides managing household events and activities, moms should manage the family budget. It is prudent to be actively involved in handling family finances to avoid getting bankrupt. However, it is tricky to balance finances and family commitments. A nice financial plan can help you improve your current financial position.

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This Is How Tech Is Helping Stay-At-Home Moms Relaunch Their Careers

admin Posted in Doing Business Online, Work at Home Comments Off on This Is How Tech Is Helping Stay-At-Home Moms Relaunch Their Careers

Stay-At-Home Moms Relaunch Their Careers

Mothers all over the globe invest a lot in their families. They sacrifice their aspirations and dreams to meet the basic needs of their children. Some moms quit their careers to spend time with their loved ones. A stay-at-home mom can play legal online poker for leisure. Also, they can use different portals and apps to launch their career.


Many people have landed well-paying jobs through LinkedIn. It helps you make useful connections across different industries. Stay-at-home moms can easily open a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn helps you meet and interact with other users whom you share the same interests with. It is an ideal platform to get lucrative jobs from across the globe. You can write posts and share them with your community. Besides, the platform allows you to track trending topics and discussions. It is appropriate for Android and iOS.


Portals such as JobsForHer are suitable for stay at home mothers. It allows women to restart their career after taking maternity leave. The portal allows you to connect with potential employers and build an online community. JobsForHer provides mentorship to moms. It guides them on how to relaunch their careers for a brighter future. It has a wide selection of curses and expert services including resume writing.


All mothers have different hobbies, passions, and talents. Shopmatic is an e-commerce tech firm which allows moms to create eCommerce stores. They come with ready shipping and payment options. The Tech Company allows you to sell a wide variety of products without any upfront cost. It offers free domains for all enterprises. The company has a huge demand for art and crafts and backed products.


Solid communication is necessary to succeed in business. Enguru is a self-learning communication application with over 600 lessons for grammar and vocabulary. It has personalized live classes, games, dictionaries, and games. You can customize the Enguru app to improve your interpersonal skills. It is compatible with Android gadgets and you can use it offline.

IBM Tech Re-Entry Program

Technical professionals who took a leave from their fulltime jobs can join the Tech Re-Entry Program to relaunch their career. It offers a paid internship that allows you to pick projects you can easily work on. The tech program provides the latest technologies which multi-disciplinary teams use frequently.

Stay-at-home moms can download and install apps such as Enguru, LinkedIn and shopmatic on their phones to look for job opportunities. Everyone has an interest in a particular specialty. Pick an app that suits your expertise to apply for a job. Many parents opt to work from home due to the high cost of childcare. However, you might want to return to the workforce after a while.

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