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What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

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Thinking about hiring a family law attorney? Wondering if it will be worth your while when there is so much else you need to get to? Don’t feel you have the time to do the research needed to find a trustworthy attorney?

According to The Law Offices of Miller & Steiert, P.C., a Denver family law attorney, they state, “We believe that the time you spend on contract review and estate planning in the present will save you, your business or your family from the cost and stress of going to court.”

So what can a family law attorney offer you? Here are some crucial times that having an attorney on speed dial is a good idea:

  1. Divorce and divorce proceedings.

When divorce is on the horizon, having someone you can trust and turn to becomes a top priority. Issues such as division of assets, child custody, and spousal support should be taken care of in a timely manner. And while you are going through the heartbreak of a divorce, shopping around for an attorney is the last thing you likely feel like doing. Finding an attorney you can trust takes time, research, and vetting. In the middle of a separation, you may be tempted to go with the first person who appears instead of finding a person that you connect with. And who you can trust to go the extra mile for you.

  1. Adoption and parental rights.

If you and your partner are considering adoption, one of the first moves you will want to make is that of finding a family lawyer. Adoption laws are complex and multilayered. One of the first steps in adoption is that of the birth parents giving up the legal rights to their child. The National Adoption Center states that there are many laws that may have an effect on the adoption process. Having an experienced attorney to help you navigate these laws is essential. It will smooth the way for the new member you want to welcome into your family.

Of course, adoption is not the only reason you may be seeking legal counsel. Due to trying circumstances, you may be considering giving up your parental rights. And this requires a lawyer you can trust to give you careful advice.

  1. Guardianship.

In the case of your death or in other dire circumstances, do you know who will take care of your children if you cannot? Failing to think this circumstance through could leave your children vulnerable. When parents do not appoint a guardian, and if there is no next of kin able to take responsibility, the children become the ward of the state.

Of course, not all children who become wards of the state have trying, stressful childhoods. But neither is their childhood one that you would have given to your children, if you had a say in the matter.

Appointing a guardian in the case of your death is a good move for all parents to make. Particularly if you wish to appoint someone who is not your next of kin. This will require drafting up documents with your family lawyer.

  1. A last will and testament.

Outside of appointing guardians for your children, you will want to create a will that provides for your children. If your children are still minors, then you will need to name someone who can manage your property until your children come of age. Creating a document that makes sure all contingencies are met and taken care of is vital to protecting your children. Gallup News reported that the majority of Americans do not have a will. This can create a trying circumstance for the loved ones you leave behind. And it can mean your estate is tied up in legal proceedings, when the matter could have been simplified and clarified if you had only made it a priority.

Hiring a family law attorney is a move that will protect you, your partner, your children, and those you love. Set aside time to research lawyers referred to you by friends and family. Read reviews, and get personal testimonials. The attorney you hire will be someone you will need to count on during difficult moments in your family’s life. So the decision should be made with care.

Choosing someone now, before you are confronted with a crisis, is a wise move to make. One that you will be thankful you made when you need your family lawyer during a crucial moment.

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8 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Around a Popular Holiday

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Planning your wedding around a particular holiday can bring with it a host of festive ideas. But if you’re thinking about one of the larger celebrated holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s or Halloween, you may need scheduling assistance to avoid additional expenses and ensure that your day is filled with fun.

Send Out Advanced Notice

Weddings can be quite costly, so adhering to a tight budget may help you when saving for your big day. If you’d like to host your wedding venue around a major holiday, you want book the place and date well in advance. This allows your guests plenty of time to plan ahead and secure the date. Traveling around the holidays can also be costly. If loved ones are coming from out of town, this also allows them the opportunity to shop around for the best rates on flights and hotel lodgings.

Deliver Festive Tidings

When you’re looking to brighten up your venue, wedding reception decorations should be decorative, unique and functional. If you’re planning a wedding around Valentine’s Day, you can focus on colorful hearts and cupids. Christmas is another joyous time of year where you can adorn your room and tables with illuminated trees, sprigs of holly, mistletoe and ornament place cards. While you don’t have to go overboard when choosing a theme, simple holiday touches can make the world of difference.

Construct a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are popular with today’s prospective bride and groom. It’s a way for the couple to post specific details and prepare guests for the upcoming date. If you’re planning a holiday wedding, include pertinent information on the wedding website such as the date, venue and time. You’ll also want to include suggestions for lodging close to your venue.

Plan for Additional Guests

The holidays are a time for children and families. If you’re planning on holding your wedding on Christmas or some other holiday, you may want to reassess your guest list. Although you may wish the wedding to be solely for adults, your guests may not want to leave the kids at home on this special holiday. Whatever your answer may be in regards to children, it’s important to decide well in advance of sending the invitations to avoid the familial drama.

Go Seasonal

You may have your heart set on a certain style or favorite food. But if you’re planning a holiday wedding reception, you want to stick with items that are seasonal. The chef may be able to serve up sumptuous farm-to-table fare using fruits, vegetables and other goodies that have been recently harvested. If you choose a fall wedding, pumpkin, squash, pomegranates, Brussel sprouts, apples and pears are all interesting items to work around. You also want to choose seasonal when you’re selecting flowers for your bouquet and table décor. Sun flowers, mums, dahlias, lilies, holly, evergreen stems and red or pink roses can capture the warmth and beauty of the fall and winter months.

Choose Your Music Wisely

If you’re planning on a Christmas or New Year’s celebration, you want to choose your wedding music wisely. Although “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells” are festive tunes, you want your guests to feel that they’re at a wedding and not a holiday celebration. The music that you would originally plan if you were wed any other time of year should be played

Plan for Higher Expenses

Holiday weddings can be a festive time of year to celebrate your nuptials. But you may also pay more to host your event on a special holiday. When you’re putting money away, set aside additional funds for higher priced items such as the venue or certain vendors. If you still have your mind set on a holiday wedding and money is tight, you can opt for cost-effective wedding options such as a brunch reception.

Set a Later Start Time

If you’re planning on exchanging vows on New Year’s Eve, you may want to set a later start time. Although most wedding receptions typically go past the midnight hour, a 2:00 pm vow exchange can make for a very long afternoon and evening. Instead of an afternoon service, see if you can hold your ceremony at the same place as your reception. With a later start time, guests can go right into dinner and prepare to ring in the New Year together with the newly married couple.

Holidays, especially when they include additional days added to the weekend, are a godsend to a bridal couple. It’s a way for them to create a fun and festive theme around their special day. The additional days can also allow guests the time needed to travel to and from the wedding.

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Child’s Health No Matter What Season

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The school year and winter months are commonly thought to be a time when children are at heightened risks for illnesses. But your child can also come down with various forms of viral infections, colds or flus during the summer months. The following are 6 tips to help ensure a healthy child no matter what season.

Establish a Good Medical Relationship

As a parent, you’re responsible for the wellness and care of your child the moment you find out that you’re pregnant. After your child is born, you’ll also need to schedule regular appointments with your pediatrician. This allows the medical professional to check their weight, height and other growing requirements. A physician is also instrumental if your child becomes ill. In case of emergencies, it’s also important to locate the nearest emergency room services or urgent care. If or when the time comes that your child is in need of any medical assistance, you’ll have access to the right care without hesitation. You can help promote a positive relationship by finding someone you and your child trust and feel comfortable working with.

Clean Hands, Healthier Bodies

Young kids are prone to viral infections such as molluscumcontagiosum. Because children learn about life from touch the instant that they are babies, they could come in contact with germs and bacteria along their learning journey. While you don’t want to turn your child into a neurotic germ-a-phoebe, a guide to molluscum contagiosum prevents the viral infection from spreading. Get in the practice of teaching your child to wash their hands after going to the washroom and before they eat. If they come in contact with other sick children, a child should also be diligent about cleaning with soapy, warm water. To ensure they wash long enough, encourage them to sing the “Happy Birthday” or “Alphabet” song as the lather. When done, they’re ready to rinse.

Get in a Routine

Children don’t quite understand the benefits of a routine. A child would be happy to eat at whim and stay up late no matter how tired they may be. It’s your job to make sure your children are on a routine schedule. This includes eating meals and snacks, sleeping, learning and play time. You also want to include a solid health routine with immunizations, dental visits and other preventative care.

Maintain Good Eating Habits

If you’re interested in getting your child to practice good eating habits as adults, you want to adopt a healthy diet early on. You’ll find a host of informational literature, videos and social media posts spouting the benefits of nutritional fare. While this can be an educational tool in getting your child to maintain good eating habits, you want to actually show them by modeling this excellent behavior. Your child looks up to you and relies on you to be a good role model. If you eat junk food and fill your home with processed and sugar laden treats, they’ll make poor choices. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein. An occasional sweet treat is ok, but do so in moderation. Include your children in the food buying process. But you need to give them healthy choices to make. Instead of chips, show them the health benefits of eating an apple with peanut butter or a wedge of cheese and whole-grain crackers.

Put a Limit on Electronics

If you’re having a stressful day, and the children are equally restless, you may find placing them in front of the T.V. or other electronic devices easiest. But the stimulation could make it hard for them to fall asleep at night. Children need at least 11 hours of sleep nightly to help prevent infections, illnesses and diseases. The required rest also energizes their body to function and think properly. Limit the number of hours your child is in front of electronic devices each day. Promote outdoor activities instead such as biking, walking, baseball, swimming, basketball and soccer. Come up with your own fun games such as a water balloon toss or a scavenger hunt.

Excellent Oral Health is Equally Important

Routine medical visits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your child’s health and wellness. You also want to find a dentist after your child’s first baby tooth comes through the gums. This practice puts them on an excellent oral health regimenof brushing, flossing and regular dentist visits. A healthy mouth also helps prevent infections, diseases and other illnesses from making your child sick.

Although your child may try to prove otherwise, kids are far from indestructible. As your child ventures out into the world, they may encounter, bruises, bumps colds and viruses along the way. You can do your part to keep your child healthy with the above 6 tips.


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