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The Importance of Running a Real Estate or Broker Office Efficiently

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Finding the perfect career can be a long journey. Many people have the desire to try out different business career paths in order to find what really fits them right. They learn to find their passion and learn where their strengths are, and where they can excel the most in what they do. There are a large number of people who move from sales, marketing, finance/banking and general business into a career in real estate.

When making a career change and becoming a realtor, there is quite a bit to be educated on along with learning to balance all a realtor needs to do. A realtor needs to make their clients feel that they are important, being listened to, and being taken care of. Their clients need to be reassured that everything is going smooth and moving forward. Someone who is selling their home doesn’t want to have the stress of worrying about the process and sale of their home. A realtor tends to need to act a bit of a “psychologist” and often needs to hold the hand of their client. This can be demanding on the realtor, because they also have quite a bit of paper work and back office responsibilities to keep up with ensuring everything runs smoothly with the sale of a client’s home.

A successful realtor will strive to develop the following qualities and traits: integrity and honesty, enthusiasm, knowledgeability, problem solving and truly understanding a client’s need and wants, but one of the most important qualities, for a realtor to have is paying attention to detail. It is of the utmost importance when dealing with so many pieces of required paperwork and financial transactions. The last thing a realtor needs is to worry about all the office and paper work that comes with the territory of being a realtor.

A real estate or a broker office needs to be run with efficiency, utilizing time management as a key to be successful. If a realtor or his office staff doesn’t present themselves in a professional way, getting things done in a timely matter, especially error free, they will start to get a poor reputation, leading to a loss in clients and sales. There are several computer programs on the market catering to realtors and brokers to help manage their offices. A perfect solution available is a software program called Brokermint.

Brokermint offers a real estate company or broker office to consolidate transaction management, commission calculation, and accounting into a singular software solution for all your real estate back office needs. When an office is able to save time and be more organized, they are able to gain more clients and increase revenue.

Some of Brokermint’s top features include:

*Transaction Management
*Commission Tracking
*Quickbooks Integration
*Offer Management
*API Connector
*Automated Checklist
*Dashboard & Reports
*White Label

It is always a smart move, as a realtor, to be looking for ways to not only better yourself in your knowledge and ways to work with people, but it is equally important to continue to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Take the time to find what will work best for your realtor or broker office.

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Hobbies, Including Jewelry Making as a Way to Keep Busy or Earn Money

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We have all either had a hobby ourselves, or have known of friends and family who have hobbies. Hobbies are a wonderful way for people to keep busy, keep active, explore their creativity, and a way to express themselves. Hobbies also give a person a chance to explore other areas that they don’t have the chance to in their everyday work or home life. There are a wide range of hobbies to choose from and there is something for everyone. Depending on your interest, some of the more popular hobbies include:

– golf
– tennis
– bowling
– reading
– writing
– movies
– knitting
– quilting
– cooking
– scrapbooking
– jewelry making

Exploring having a hobby is a perfect way to learn how to do something you have always wanted to but never had the time. A hobby can also be very therapeutical for an individual, as one of the top benefits of participating in a hobby is stress relief.

One hobby that has become increasingly popular over the last five to ten years is jewelry making. Not only do people create jewelry simply as a hobby, but many have turned it into a profitable business. There are so many different options for a hobbyist who decides to get involved in making jewelry. A jewelry maker can create rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins and more. When making jewelry, all pieces made can be unique and personalized. Depending on what type of jewelry you make, you can create your own niche in the look you offer or the types of material that you use.

If you are wondering where to start with making jewelry, there are a wide array of places to learn from. There are many instructional videos on You Tube, for almost any kind of jewelry you’d like to make. Simply do a search and you will literally have close to 200,000 videos to choose from. Get more specific on exactly what you’d like to make and you’ll find even more. You can take classes at your local craft supply stores. Often, you will also be able to find a jewelry class offered through your community education programs. Take the time to research all that you will need to start, and decide on where and how you’d like to learn. Down the road, if you decide that you want to make jewelry to sell, you will also want to learn how to price the pieces you have created.

After learning how to make the jewelry items you want to make, you will need your supplies. Gem Packed is one of the most comprehensive places to not only purchase all your jewelry supplies but also to learn how to make fun and interesting kinds of jewelry. From offering gems, beads, pearls, wires and all the tools you need to start making jewelry, they offer an extensive blog filled with instructions on many different kinds of jewelry. It is a one stop shop on your quest as jewelry making as a new hobby or business.

Remember to also be patient with yourself, as there is always a learning curve when venturing into doing something different. Most importantly, have fun and let your creativity flow.

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10 Common Facebook Fumbles You Can Tackle

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Although Facebook started out as a place for people to meet and share personal thoughts and opinions, it has gained major status as a way to promote your business. With a billion monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media site. When used properly for your business, the effect could be quite substantial.

The idea is to get as many people to “Like” your posts and follow your pages as possible. But in doing so, remember the old adage – Quality, Not Quantity! You want your numbers to consist of targeted and responsive followers.

Below are ten mistakes many people make when engaging in Facebook’s vast social network. Some people may not even realize they are floundering so go over each fumble carefully to ensure that you are not part of the losing team.

1. Incomplete profile and Business Information – Not filling in all your information suggests that you have something to hide. Be sure to fill out every aspect of the information forms. Be forthcoming and give out all pertinent information.

2. Wrong Profile Pic – When you are trying to build a business on Facebook you don’t want to use inappropriate pictures for your profile. Don’t use a picture of your pet cat or your family get-togethers. Use a photo of yourself looking straight ahead. Do not wear sunglasses or avert your eyes in any way. Do not overdo on make-up or look like you are going to a party. Always smile and just be yourself. A picture can be worth a thousand words.

3. Too Much Posting – You probably have read that you should post regularly to your page, but by the same token, posting too much can have as many adverse results as not posting enough.

4. Lengthy Posts – Bite-sized posts are much more likely to get read and responded to than long, flowing text. Facebook research shows that if your post has over 100 but fewer than 250 characters, it will have a 60% better chance of getting a response. So try to keep your posts between 100-250 characters for optimum response.

5. Mobile Unfriendly – Mobile marketing is making a big splash in the internet world and you need to be prepared. You need to be aware of the size of your posts and images in that they will fit and be readable on mobile devices. Keep your photos about 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high and your text should be no more than 100 characters long.

6. Too Many Links – Any post should contain only one option for your followers to choose. Including additional links or calls-to-action in your post could cause the reader to become indecisive and just move on.

7. Promoting Without Value – Posting blatant sales ads without any other value will just get your posts skipped or cause you to lose fans. Posting periodical promotions and sales can work for you but you must also offer something of substance and value for your followers. For example: if you are advertising a sale on jewelry, offer information on how to choose the right jewelry for different events and outfits.

8. Ignoring the Negative(and Positive) – If you receive negative comments or feedback on any of your posts, Do Not Ignore It. Post a reply but be sure you do not post negatively as well. Reply politely while explaining the situation. Always address positive comments as quickly as possible too. Do not let people’s comments go unnoticed, be they negative or positive.

9. Not Using Facebook Insights – Facebook offers a great feature called Insights. They analyze your page’s traffic, engagement, likes, Friends of Fans, etc. Do not ignore this information. Study it to find out what posts are being responded to, what time of day gets the most response, what days get the most response, and more. This will give you more “insight” into what to post and when to post it.

10. Too Much Automation – There are a lot of services, apps and programs you can use to automate your posting. While this could be helpful at times, do not get into the habit of doing it too often. You need to actually go to your page and participate in conversations and engage in people’s posts. While automation is a handy tool for helping in certain situations, it cannot replace us as live people!

The power of social media, if used efficiently, could be game-changing. But if you are inadvertently fumbling and cannot make the tackle, you are in danger of doing more harm to your business than good. Be aware of any mistakes you might be making and take the necessary steps to correct them. By doing this, you are sure to score!

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has over 15 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business. Visit her site for free articles, resources, information, resell ebook business opportunity and more. Get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


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