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Moms Blog to Earn Money

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moms blogging to earn money

Mom Blogger

For more than twenty years I have coached and counselled moms, specifically those moms who desire to work from home, earning income to help contribute to the family finances or having some extra spending money to enjoy. While there have been many different options to choose from over the years, the idea of being able to work online to create an income tends to be one of the most sought after.

The internet offers a variety of ways for moms to make money with one of the most common and sought-after ways is being a blogger. Blogging can not only be a rewarding way to earn money, but it can also fulfill the need for one’s self-expression and community. Blogging is easy and inexpensive to start. There are many places that offer free blogging platforms, along with free templates to help with your design. While it may seem daunting at first, wondering what in the world you could say, don’t overthink about what you should blog about. Share what you are passionate about, write from your heart and be yourself. Try not to fall into the trap of replacing your originality with attempting to be someone you aren’t, comparing your style and writing to those of other mom bloggers.

While blogging may fill a monetary need, it can also become a platform in helping others. You can further advance the word and mission of a nonprofit group or be a voice to others that may be struggling with some of the same life, children or work issues that you are.

Mom bloggers have become large “influencers” in the media for the types of products or services they utilize and love. Their opinion and words influence other moms which is exactly what companies are searching for. Once you get your blog some traction, you will be able to work with some wonderfully smart PR people such as Nancy Behrman. A good PR person works to build the brand of a company and one of the ways in which they do this it to seek out bloggers for testing and reviewing specific products or websites.

Companies continue to be savvy in their online marketing efforts and are wise to outsource their public relations needs to a firm that has a long successful track record of helping companies grow. Nancy Behrman PR has more than 30 years of experience in the public relations field and has proven to be the perfect bridge between a company and the mom blogging community.

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Why You Should Retrain as a Holistic Therapist

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Retrain as a Holistic Therapist

How many of us have dreamed of moving on from our 9-5 office job and moving into a profession where we can really make a difference? For many Moms, having a baby can present the ideal opportunity to do just that. If you’re thinking of returning to work and have an interest in complementary medicine then retraining as a holistic therapist could be a great option for you. It may feel daunting returning to education but if you’re determined, passionate to learn and organized it is an achievable ambition. Options for learning include part-time College-based courses as well as online distance learning courses, meaning you can learn from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a caring, empathetic person who loves helping others, then here are some of the reasons why a career as a holistic therapist could be for you:

It covers so many fields of medicine

Many Moms are attracted to this option because they’ve experienced the benefits of a specific type of treatment, sparking a particular interest. However, there are many holistic disciplines to choose between, depending on your area of interest, including:

Aromatherapy – This therapy uses essential oils to reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate pain levels and promote overall health and wellbeing. The oils can be massaged into the body, given orally or inhaled in a vapor. One of the most popular alternative treatments, aromatherapy courses are among the most sought-after qualifications from course providers.

Homeopathy – another hugely popular alternative therapy, homeopathy has shown proven results in both humans and animals. Designed to help boost the body’s healing systems, homeopaths use small amounts of substances that cause health conditions to help kick start the immune system.

Reflexology – This extreme form of massage focuses on specific points on the sole of the foot, that are connected to body organs via energy channels. A reflexologist can work on specific areas of the body by applying pressure to the corresponding area of the foot, removing blocks from these channels and allowing energy to flow freely again. Both a science and an art, reflexology is fantastic for revitalizing energy levels as well as preventing illness.

Holistic massage – Proven to treat a variety of ailments, massage has amazing health benefits. Massage therapists manipulate the skin, muscles, lymph and nervous systems to improve health and wellbeing.

Short time to retrain without incurring massive debts

In contrast to a degree that takes a minimum of 3 years to study, gaining an accreditation as a holistic therapist can take weeks rather than months. You can choose the level of qualification you want to acquire, building your qualifications and accreditations up over time, meaning it’s also a very cost-effective option, costing hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.

There are great career prospects

Research indicates that a third of Americans use alternative medicine, so this is a career option that has great earning potential. In fact, according to the US. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, successful holistic practitioners can earn up to $80,000 a year; with massage therapists typically achieving figures of $40-$50,000.

Good flexibility to suit your lifestyle

As a holistic therapist you can easily set yourself up to work from home, flexing hours around your childcare needs and avoiding a daily commute. Once the children are at school, you can easily increase your working hours, booking clients in during school hours as well as evenings if you choose.

Excellent career progression

The beauty of this profession is that you can easily set yourself up from home, making it an ideal choice for Moms. Depending on your lifestyle, you can build the business at your own pace. Ultimately, you could look to expand your business, working in a clinic alongside other therapists or even setting up your own clinic. Many therapists also combine their roles with teaching at local Colleges or providing workshops.

It’s easy to see why this is such an attractive career option, particularly for Moms returning to work. If this article has got you interested, don’t be daunted, start looking into it today!

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5 Great Gift Ideas for a Naming Ceremony

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Gift Ideas for a Naming Ceremony

As spring approaches, it can feel like the start of the season for christening and naming ceremonies. While go-to gifts for christenings tend to favor the traditional – silver gifts such as engraved baby cups, jewelry or money boxes – when it comes to naming ceremonies, you can think ‘outside the box’. Rather than clothes or toys, which will soon be grown out of or discarded, why not gift something a little bit unusual; something that will wow the parents and remain a treasured keepsake? If you need some inspiration, here are some great gift ideas for you:

1.     Imprints to capture memories

How many of us wish we could stop time and have a permanent reminder of how tiny our baby’s precious little hands and feet once were? The saying is definitely true – they grow up so fast, it really can feel like it happens in the blink of an eye. Options within this category include sets to record hand- and footprints using ink – including some which incorporate mess-free ‘magic ink’ – as well as sets to cast them in clay.  You can order a set for the parents to make at home from sites such as Casting Keepsakes or gift an option to have the imprints cast in silver, gold or bronze. Another interesting slant on this theme is a gift voucher to have the baby’s first shoes cast in bronze. This type of keepsake is always a firm favorite, and is definitely an option that will be forever treasured.

2.     Name a star

What can be more wonderful than having a star named for the baby? In future years, this theme can be followed up with star maps and a telescope for birthdays. There are several companies offering this service, including The Star Name Registry. The gift comes in a presentation box, which includes the star deed, a star map and a silver frame for the deed. Also, in the unlikely event of a supernova, a new star will be assigned, so not only is this a permanent celestial reminder of the day, but it’s also future-proofed!

3.     Gift them literature

A gift of literature truly comes from the heart and can instill a lifelong passion for reading. Children’s classics such as Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and sets by Roald Dahl are very popular in this category. Not only will the family delight in the adventures, enjoying your gift for years to come but it can also – if not left dog-eared from use – be passed down to the next generation.

4.     Personalized, handmade gifts

Any online search will throw up a plethora of sites offering these unique gifts. They definitely show that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into selecting something that’s truly a ‘one off’ for the child in question. The online marketplace Etsy has a great selection of personalized photo frames. Available at various price points, these can include the child’s name, date of birth – or naming ceremony – and a lovely message.

5.     Gift cash/vouchers

This final choice may seem strange as it’s not classed as a ‘keepsake’. This, however, has got to be the most straightforward option and is perfect if you’re rather ‘’ at selecting your gift. Families will have a savings account or even a trust fund set up, so your gift will always be appreciated and can be saved towards a college fund, first car or even their first home. Alternatively, gift cards can be used by the family to purchase something special, especially when combined with other cash donations.

Hope these ideas help inspire you, there’s not greater feeling than knowing you’ve made the perfect choice and selected the perfect gift. Enjoy the special day!

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