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The Right MBA Will Have Many Specializations to Choose From

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The world has changed a lot in eight years. Since the global financial crash of 2008, the popularity of MBAs has been on the wane, and their overall value is being called into question more and more. Requiring that one put a career aside, and coming with program fees in the tens of thousands of dollars, people are beginning to ask: why do an MBA? The real answer may be surprising. While the obvious assumption is that an MBA pays bigger dividends is true (after all, most MBA graduates see six figure salaries within the first five years of employment), the real value is the versatility of an MBA program. A business degree will allow you to specialize in any number of fields, setting you up for a great job immediately upon graduation. The following is a small list of the specializations available at most business schools.


This MBA specialization covers the principal subjects in the field including financial accounting and managerial accounting, taxation as well as auditing. Financial accounting is the foundation for investment analysis, corporate or forensic analysis, as well as mergers and acquisitions breakdown. Accounting also forms the basis for external reporting up the chain to shareholders and other stakeholders. An MBA with this specialization traditionally provides information for managerial decision-making such as performance evaluation and resource management.

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The entrepreneurship specialization will teach you how to become an entrepreneur and prepare you to play a key role in society through the relentless pursuit of opportunities that allow you to create and sustain a competitive and vibrant enterprise. Whether your goal is to own your own business or to help existing organizations grow and develop, this is the spec for you.

Operations Management

Operations management is the corporate area in charge of designing, managing and tracking the various processes that make up a successful business, which are themselves made up of interrelated, sequential. The key is that the product has a greater value than the elements pre-process. At a school like Wilfrid Laurier, MBA students who choose this specialization will apply local, national, and global focuses to stay a step ahead of companies’ current needs, giving them the knowledge, skills and perspectives they need to create value for their companies in the future.

Strategic Management

The strategic problems managers face are typically unclear and do not lend themselves readily to solutions using traditional formulae or models. Strategic management as an MBA specialization will allow you to understand the practical realities behind organizational decision-making. Strategic management solutions are necessary for anyone who wants to answer questions such as: What products should our company make? Which markets should we enter? What type of organization should we be building? How should our company respond to competitors’ behavior? Choose a school with a curriculum that emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that involves sociology, psychology, and economics to develop analytical frameworks that examine the strategic issues managers face.


Marketing as a specialization provides flexibility for students seeking careers that deal with behavioral concepts and quantitative methods in business whether from a marketing-management point of view and provide opportunities for in a wide range of profit and nonprofit situations.

With an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier, you have the option to specialize your general MBA degree. You can choose from one of the specializations listed below:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Management
  • Golf and Resort Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

The top MBA programs in Canada should offer the right combination of versatility and specialization, and allow you to focus on the precise business path that best fits your skills and desires. Business school should help broaden your possibilities, not pigeon hole you in a discipline you don’t enjoy. Before you choose which MBA to pursue, look into their specialization options.

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Emails and Beyond: How to Streamline Office Communications

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Business communication needs clarity and purpose. The three core areas of business communication are meetings, presentations, and writing. If your staff members struggle in any of these three areas, a business communication skills workshop will improve your effectiveness.

Meetings: Communications should build better relationships with clients and colleagues. Many office workers complain that meetings are a waste of time. An effective meeting is a chance to solve challenges and make decisions. Meeting participants report on their progress, listen to their colleagues, and walk away with highlights and key decisions in effective meetings. Meeting leaders hold their team accountable for progress, manage problems within the group, and delegate clear responsibilities with deadlines. Meeting skills workshops teach best practices and develop a common language among coworkers. Teams that listen to each other and engage in meetings are more likely to make the best decisions.

typing on keyboard

Streamlining Office Communications

Presentations: Presenters are responsible for delivering persuasive face-to-face messages to audiences internally, externally, and to executives. Compelling presentations are informative and engaging for their intended audiences. By participating in a workshop on delivering compelling presentations, your company’s employees learn to identify their audience and objectives. They learn how to shape their presentations around an organized framework. They will also learn how to present confidently and credibly. Workshop facilitators train your employees to use their voice and body language to establish credibility and keep the audience’s attention.

Email: Every day, we read dozens of emails. According to Wavelength Communication Skills Training, a typical office worker can spend a third of their day on emails. Email is an effective way to communicate internally and externally when your staff members know how and when to write them. Your employees lose hours every day reading and writing confusing and disorganized emails. Your business can begin to succeed when you train your employees in the essentials of email. Your staff can spend more time making sales and building client relationships when they save time writing and reading emails. Everyone learn show to organize their inboxes and file important messages for quick reference in email essentials workshops. In addition, your staff can learn simple etiquette rules on greetings and sign-offs to improve the tone of their writing. Teach them to distinguish between requesting a response and providing information. Concise email writers save hours of wasted time. They determine when email is the best way to communicate, draft helpful subject lines, and write messages in a respectful, clear tone.

Communication skills training from companies like Wavelength can help if your employees struggle with meetings, presentations, or business writing such as emails. Workshops improve your team’s ability to persuade clients, make sales, and communicate effectively with each other. Your team will present confidently and persuasively, write for results, and hold productive meetings that lead to action. Wavelength Communication Skills Training turns unproductive teams into leaner employees. They offer dozens of courses available online and in your office. Training is an investment and the returns on communications workshop are clear.

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The Importance of Running a Real Estate or Broker Office Efficiently

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Finding the perfect career can be a long journey. Many people have the desire to try out different business career paths in order to find what really fits them right. They learn to find their passion and learn where their strengths are, and where they can excel the most in what they do. There are a large number of people who move from sales, marketing, finance/banking and general business into a career in real estate.

When making a career change and becoming a realtor, there is quite a bit to be educated on along with learning to balance all a realtor needs to do. A realtor needs to make their clients feel that they are important, being listened to, and being taken care of. Their clients need to be reassured that everything is going smooth and moving forward. Someone who is selling their home doesn’t want to have the stress of worrying about the process and sale of their home. A realtor tends to need to act a bit of a “psychologist” and often needs to hold the hand of their client. This can be demanding on the realtor, because they also have quite a bit of paper work and back office responsibilities to keep up with ensuring everything runs smoothly with the sale of a client’s home.

A successful realtor will strive to develop the following qualities and traits: integrity and honesty, enthusiasm, knowledgeability, problem solving and truly understanding a client’s need and wants, but one of the most important qualities, for a realtor to have is paying attention to detail. It is of the utmost importance when dealing with so many pieces of required paperwork and financial transactions. The last thing a realtor needs is to worry about all the office and paper work that comes with the territory of being a realtor.

A real estate or a broker office needs to be run with efficiency, utilizing time management as a key to be successful. If a realtor or his office staff doesn’t present themselves in a professional way, getting things done in a timely matter, especially error free, they will start to get a poor reputation, leading to a loss in clients and sales. There are several computer programs on the market catering to realtors and brokers to help manage their offices. A perfect solution available is a software program called Brokermint.

Brokermint offers a real estate company or broker office to consolidate transaction management, commission calculation, and accounting into a singular software solution for all your real estate back office needs. When an office is able to save time and be more organized, they are able to gain more clients and increase revenue.

Some of Brokermint’s top features include:

*Transaction Management
*Commission Tracking
*Quickbooks Integration
*Offer Management
*API Connector
*Automated Checklist
*Dashboard & Reports
*White Label

It is always a smart move, as a realtor, to be looking for ways to not only better yourself in your knowledge and ways to work with people, but it is equally important to continue to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Take the time to find what will work best for your realtor or broker office.

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