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The Real Meaning of Success

admin Posted in Doing Business Online, Family, I'm Just Sayin, Snippets of Success, Work at Home 2 Comments »

In my dictionary, success isn’t
about accumulating "more". Ie: More money, more things, more
awards, more kudos. Success is a state of heart, a state of
mind… a feeling of being content with who you are, what you
are doing and how your life and actions touch others around you.


Cyndi Webb is the Founder and President of
Moms Network – an organization dedicated to the promotion and success of Moms in business. Since 1997
she has promoted and worked with thousands of work at home moms in
coaching and guiding them in how to help grow their businesses. Over the
years Moms Network has evolved to include more than 20 websites offering
free resources to moms from all walks of life.  Cyndi makes her home in
Minnesota with her husband and two children.


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Scam Alert – Be Careful What YOU Deem as a Scam

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For years now, as more and more people are looking at different ways to work from home, I keep witnessing some of these future business owners saying things like "that’s a scam", "stay away from that company, they are scamming people", or "be careful, I know someone who was scammed by that company". The word scam seems to be tossed around more than Italian greens and oil before dinner. But are these businesses really "scams"?

We’ve all seen ads for working at home. Ads promising freedom, telling you the amount of money you can earn, and the ability to be home with your kids. Are these ads scams?


Let’s look at the dictionary definition – SCAM: A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.

So, what this boils down to is that a scam is a business, knowingly committing fraud on individuals.

They are set up to specifically swindle money away and in essence, are not offering any sort of job or business opportunity at all.

Believe me, there are many businesses that are set up to do just this. They have no intention of ever truly hiring anyone or don’t offer a legitimate, real business opportunity. Many of these types of companies have complaints with the Better Business Bureau and have a large number of victims that have fallen prey to their claims and tactics.

But, what I have seen is people calling ANY sort of business opportunity or job that "they" didn’t see success in, as a scam. If you fall into this thought process, be careful what you say.

To use the word "scam" against a company is a very serious accusation. If you joined a business opportunity, they can take a lot of work to see results. If you gave up, or didn’t put in the amount of time or money needed, you cannot call that business a scam, due to your lack of effort. This goes back to the thought process of the fast food society, wanting results quick, with the least amount of effort. Now, if you joined some sort of pyramid scheme, which is illegal, that WOULD be a scam. If you sent away for information, only to NOT receive anything, or NOT receive what was promised you, THAT is a scam. But to label a company a scam due to your own error in judgment, dislike of what you received, or not working as you have been advised or trained – you are only wanting to blame someone other than yourself for a decision that you have come to regret.

So, be careful what you call a scam. Step back and think honestly if you were really scammed by a business, or whether it is you, who is having buyer’s remorse.


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Who’s Paying for Your Online Ignorance?

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Ignorance is bliss… sometimes yes, but most of the time no. If you are a home business owner, who is seriously trying to build a business and succeed, you can’t afford to play the ignorance card.

You need to be a responsible business owner who knows the rules and regulations that go with running a business online, specifically YOUR business. More importantly, you need to adhere to them. If you don’t, not only do you pay the price, but so do others, which is unfair to them.

It is one thing if you want to disrupt and put a bad mark on your own business, but to put other individuals or companies out, that is just plain selfish and unprofessional.


I cannot tell you how many times over the years that people have submitted articles, message board postings, listings or ads to us in our free promotion areas, only to come back and demand that they be removed or changed because;

1.) They didn’t do the research on what they could and couldn’t do online for their direct sales company business.

2.) They failed to verify what they submitted to look for errors in their business name, email address or url.

3.) They didn’t read and follow the instructions or rules as to how a specific website runs or what they accept.

Many of these home business owners can be downright rude in their attitude and insisting that we have to remove or change something immediately that they submitted to us.

It’s one thing to humbly approach a company and tell them that you made a mistake, asking if they could remedy the error for you. It is another thing to be flippant and expect that the company take care of your mistake. This in turn not only gives you and your company a bad name, but also causes the company that has offered you these free services, to spend their time, and money to change something that you decided to be ignorant about. When someone has approached me in a way that I see as unprofessional or rude, they are the last person I would ever consider going to for a product or service I may need in the future.

There are also those individuals who don’t read the rules for directories, memberships or message boards on what is and isn’t allowed, and they proceed to do what they want. Again, the ignorance you have chosen is causing you to look bad to those who can view your public behavior and at the same time is creating extra work and money spent for the site owners to remove listings, posts and/or memberships.

So, make sure that you step up to the plate with your responsibility to understand what it is you can do in regards to your business, as your ignorance will eventually shine a bad light on both you and your business.


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