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Not Everyone Will Want What You Are Selling


Over the years, while working with work at home moms and dads who are home based business owners, I have noticed their unrealistic ideas as to how their business should grow. Many expect overnight success and many expect that everyone else should have the same interest level in the type of business they are involved in as they do.

When you are in a home business, no matter what it is, you need to realize that not everyone is going to be as excited about what you do as you are. Everyone has different interests, different goals, and different likes and dislikes.

Just because YOU love home decor, healthcare, candles, internet marketing, toys or scrapbooking (or any other type of product/service) does NOT mean that everyone else is going to be jumping at the opportunity to get involved with you. Your passion for the products/services you represent is not going to be the same passion as a majority of the people that you encounter. Whether you are actually selling products, or trying to grow a team with a direct sales company, you NEED to realize that building a business takes time and it takes time to find the right people to connect with.

If someone is looking for a business opportunity to get involved in, they will be taking many aspects of a business into consideration with the type of product or service being ONLY one part in their decision making process. They will be looking also at:

1. Pricing of the product; if the cost is too much more than similar products in a store, this will effect their decision.

2. Company policies; if the company has too many strict policies on advertising, high quotas or bad policies on returns, this will also affect their decision.

3. Commission structure; if commission structure is too low, where someone can barely make an income after all their costs are deducted, again, this will affect their decision.

4. Materials and training costs; this is also a major concern for someone looking at a home business. They will be looking at the ongoing costs of staying involved which can include: cost of catalogs, paperwork, company website, business cards, sample kits and extra product etc.

5. Cost to get involved; this may be the number one issue that someone looks at when making a decision on starting a business. While YOU may have been able to afford to join, the cost may be too high to someone else. Not everyone has the same amount of funds available to them in order to start a business.

So, as you seek to grow your business, be sure that YOU are taking a reality check and understanding that the reason there are literally 1000’s of businesses to get involved with is because there are so many different qualifications that an individual takes into consideration when embarking on their work at home business search.


Cyndi Webb is the Founder and President of Moms Network – an organization dedicated to the promotion and success of Moms in business. Since 1997 she has promoted and worked with thousands of work at home moms in coaching and guiding them in how to help grow their businesses. Over the years Moms Network has evolved to include more than 15 websites offering free resources to moms from all walks of life, the Connecting @ Home print magazine and the annual Celebrating Moms Expo which attracts thousands of moms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Cyndi makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and two children.


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10 Responses to “Not Everyone Will Want What You Are Selling”

  1. Cyndi – You have a very realistic and valuable perspective that you are sharing here – thank you!

    all the best to you in all that you do!


  2. Hi Cyndi,
    Great info!! thank you!! I’m a work at home mom and I agree – you have to find people who are as passionate about the products as you. also when looking at the pricing structure i found it is easier to sell a higher ticket item which leads to a 6 figure income as many people are trying to create their own economy right now. I found a great biz which is generating significant income. it is not a get rich quick scheme, its work, but its worth it. The products are stellar and the people are top-notch and professional. I’d like to ask you to review the business and see what you think! email me and I’ll tell you about it!! thanks!

  3. So true. I sell books online and work with people to help them get started and when they start learning about marketplace commissions, postage, subscriptions and so on they realize they really have to do their homework as to what they want to sell and how much they think they can make

  4. This is a great post. I sell online and it is really important to also understand what the market wants and what your customers want.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. I remember starting my first home business, I chose cosmetics, and I was so amazingly excited. I have no idea why I was, I just was. And then, over the first few weeks I realized: nobody wants makeup. They like to go to the store and buy it direct, not see it in a catalog and then wait two weeks to receive a delivery. My dreams were shattered. Maybe your blog post will help people understand how tough it will be in the beginning so they won’t set their expectations too high.

  6. I loved this article! It is so true. The hard part is making peace with the idea that not everyone wants what you have to offer. What’s wrong with them!!! Just kidding, of course, although it’s hard to understand people that don’t have vision for their dreams. I really think that people just give up and settle.
    Thanks for providing insight into the reality that follows the euphoria of starting a home based business.

  7. Your blog is so spot on! I think you might enjoy hearing this:

    I listened to this great radio program on Monday that featured Mommy Millionaire Kim Lavine. She was interviewed on Conversations Live with Vicki St.Clair and had some great ideas for making extra money, whether you’re currently unemployed, want to start your own biz, or already working as an entrepreneur!

    Kim wrote THE MOMMY MANIFESTO based on her business smarts and said her single biggest success factor was having the nerve to “go for it.” If you’d like to hear more for yourself you can tune into a free podcast here at any time:

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  8. I love this article! I own my business and went down the checklist of all 5 things are actually the reasons why I got involved with my business in the first place! Especially because mine has a variety of products that I don’t have to deliver, the company delivers it for me! And I don’t have to keep inventory. These are products that many people use each day! If anyone else would be interested, feel free to email me for more information!

  9. I love your take on this, could not agree more.

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    Over the years, while working with work at home moms and dads who are home based business owners, I have noticed their unrealistic…