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3 Networking Tips For Aussie Momtrepreneurs in 2020

admin Posted in Working for Success Comments Off on 3 Networking Tips For Aussie Momtrepreneurs in 2020

Networking Tips For Aussie Momtrepreneurs

Working moms are the world’s unheralded heroes.

Raising children so that they’re happy, healthy and grow up to contribute in meaningful ways to their communities is already more than a full-time job – but if you’re a mother who manages to balance these duties with running your own business, you deserve the utmost praise and respect.

The internet and associated digital tech might have made it easier to be a work from home mom, because depending on the nature of your business, you can schedule your work around the school run, doctor’s appointments, shopping and everything else.

But any type of entrepreneurship can be isolating and pressured, so getting out to meet people in person can work wonders for your mental health and fast forward your business growth. Your local chamber of commerce is a good source of info on networking opportunities in your neighbourhood, but if you’re prepared to venture to interesting elsewhere in Australia and beyond, this investment in your development may reap long-term rewards.

With that in mind, here are three networking tips for Aussie momtrepreneurs in 2020.

  1. Her Horizon, Sydney

Franziska Iseli is an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Sydney-based international marketing education organisation Basic Bananas, and on February 10th, 2020 she’s hosting Her Horizon – a half day event ram-packed with pro tips and insights on leadership and growth strategies focused on female success.

If you’ve got an amazing product or service that you want people to know more about, need to scale your enterprise and are open-minded about alternative ways to achieve these aims, this session is definitely for you!

Tip: Check out the Her Horizon Eventbrite page to book tickets before they sell out.

  1. Australia China Business Council (ACBC) Vic International Women’s Day 2020, Melbourne

The ACBC does sterling work maintaining the strong, symbiotic relationship between businesses Down Under and partners in China. So whether you’re already involved in this commercial dynamic or would like to find out more about the opportunities it offers, the ACBC International Women’s Day 2020 event on March 5th, 2020 is a golden opportunity to connect with movers and shakers.

General admission tickets are $160 and more information is available on

Tip: has great Sydney hotel deals – book ahead for a bargain.

  1. EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Seoul, Korea

Strictly speaking, EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women is a mentoring program rather than merely an event. Take a look at the website for full entry details, but the scheme is open to high-potential founding or co-founding female CEOs across the Asia-Pacific region with companies which are at least five years old that they want to grow internationally.

Successful applicants participate in an amazing three day conference in Seoul, Korea on April 6th– 8th 2020 and three video training conferences throughout the year.

Tip: has secure airport parking for Mackay, Melbourne and every other Aussie hub if you want to keep your vehicle safe while you’re away learning how to hone your leadership skills.

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How Companies Are Creating Pay Equality

admin Posted in Hot News, Working for Success Comments Off on How Companies Are Creating Pay Equality

How Companies Are Creating Pay Equality

Despite the passage of the Equal Pay Act and other fair pay legislation, women in many companies across the United States still earn less than their male colleagues. The pay gap is even more prominent for minority women, who often find themselves among a company’s lowest earners when compared against male or white coworkers. As the American workforce grows in diversity, several organizations are working to remedy this issue by implementing changes from within. Here are three major ways that companies have fought to abolish the wage gap.

Establish Pay Transparency

Discussion of salary within a company has traditionally been a somewhat taboo topic, but some companies are working to eliminate the stigma of discussing pay in hopes that it will promote better wage equality. Oftentimes, pay inequalities remain unnoticed simply because there is a lack of discourse surrounding salary. If employees are openly aware of each other’s salaries and the salaries offered at different levels, this makes it much more difficult for pay inequalities to persist. Additionally, it is beneficial to encourage managers to discuss pay decisions with one another, rather than making choices unilaterally. The more open discourse becomes, the easier it will be to address biases before they become an issue.

Create a Clear Structure for Payment

One of best ways to promote salary transparency while maintaining equality is to implement hiring and payment guidelines. Many businesses operate without clearly established procedures for handling things such as hiring, promotions, and differing levels of experience among employees. To ensure fair pay, companies should institute a compensation structure. This involves looking at market salary data, working with career development professionals, and observing where pay gaps currently exist. It also means that the company must determine precisely what employee skills or experience they are looking for at each pay grade.

Formatting a thorough payment philosophy may take several months or more, but creating a clear framework is a crucial step needed to achieve company-wide pay equality. When a business has a concrete payment policy, managers and employees can look to it for guidance on maintaining pay standards that benefit all workers.

Maintain Oversight

Creating a fair payment structure does little good if that structure is not enforced and maintained. Among companies that have achieved pay equality, a key component of their strategy typically involves making regular salary check-ins. Conducting salary audits at periodic intervals will help managers analyze where issues may arise and stay on track with the company’s equal compensation system.

Another helpful method to maintain pay equity is to eliminate the practice of asking job candidates for their salary history. This is a notable change from the conventional hiring practices at many businesses, but it is one of the best ways to guarantee that new employees do not continuously suffer the effects of discriminatory practices from previous companies. It also incorporates new hires into the organization without undermining the established payment framework.

Achieving pay equality requires effort and dedication from everyone within an organization. Making a sudden move to eliminate wage gaps may be a bold step for a business, but it speaks strongly to the company’s values of fairness and honesty. In the end, this commitment is well worthwhile, and it will contribute to a more positive company image and a better work environment for all employees.

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The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to a Rewarding Career

admin Posted in Working for Success Comments Off on The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to a Rewarding Career

Moms have it tough, but this is nothing new as moms have always had it tough.  These days, moms are not only the primary caregivers at home, but more and more moms are also looking after their aging parents while trying to have a rewarding career.  With that in mind, here is the ultimate mom’s guide to a rewarding career.

Don’t Fall for the Traps

Let’s face it: you are driven, this is why you were successful in your career, and it is what makes you a great mom.  However, the complexities of motherhood do change a few things – for example, you can’t solely focus on your career.

As such, life goes from something which is easy to navigate to a patchwork of pitfalls.  These include being a great mother to your kids, being the same high performing person you were at work before kids, to being active in the relationship with your significant other.  While this isn’t exactly fair, it does mean that you have a lot of balls in the air.

To make matters worse, it can seem like sometimes you are being pulled in some many different directions that you have almost no time for yourself. As such, life is full of traps and here are a few that you will need to avoid:

Trap 1: Thinking the Grass is Greener

It can be hard to get back on the career track when you have kids at home.  However, one of the worst things you can do is start to think that the grass is greener on the other side – in this case, stay-at-home moms.

As the saying goes, ‘be careful what you wish for,’ the reality is that both working and stay-at-home moms face tremendous challenges.  This means the glossy picture of an easier life is not exactly true, and as such you want to stop focusing on what the grass looks like on the other side.

Trap 2: Using Work as a Place to Hide

This can be extremely dangerous as you had to fight to get through the door after taking time off to be with your kids.  However, far too many working moms see work as an opportunity to get some respite from the chaos at home.

While there is something to be said for this, you don’t want to make hiding out a habit.   As such, you want to use your time at work for forwarding your career – that means getting involved in projects and other activities.   When done right this can help you to contribute while giving you the chance to get earn some praise.

Though you do want to be mindful of scheduling – especially in terms of having some semblance of a work-life balance.  This means that you will need to set and manage expectations every step of the way.  Doing so will help you to meet the constant demands you face without risking burnout and will give you a great story to tell them next time you need to use a Resume Builder to find a new job.

Trap 3: Succumbing to the Guilt

For most working moms it is natural that they will feel a certain amount of guilt when they first reenter the workforce – after all, you have just left your kids under the supervision of a stranger.

It could also be a feeling that you are not living up to what is expected of you, or that you are a bad mom.  No matter what the voice in your head is saying, it is wrong.  You are a good mom, and the reason that you have gone back to work has to do with providing a better life for your family as well as seeing if you can really do it all.

What can you do?  Dissect your guilt to understand the real causes and then talk about with your spouse as this the only way you can get rid of that nagging feeling.  Then start to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.  Doing so will give you a north star to guide you along your journey.  Also, learn how to say no as you don’t need to be ‘super mom.’   Lastly, forgive yourself as you don’t need to be perfect.

Appreciate the Little Things

Too often we get caught up in the stress and the grind and for working moms, this can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Instead, you want to take time to stop and smell the roses.  Not only will this make you happier but it will help you in your quest to building a rewarding career.

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