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Five Easy Garment Repairs You Can Do At Home

admin Posted in How To's Comments Off on Five Easy Garment Repairs You Can Do At Home

When it comes to life hacks and ways to be thrifty, one way you can save money is to learn how to fix clothing items yourself. We all have that favourite item of clothing, something that we always go back to but that one day will start to fall apart. Or that new jacket with the broken zipper, the trousers that need hemming or a dress with a busted seam. If this is you, then you might be surprised at how easy it is to perform simple repairs yourself. Not only will this save on the costs of replacing the items or paying for a tailoring service, but it can also lead to a nice little hobby for yourself or even be the start of a new business venture. Nowadays, people are a lot more aware of sustainability and rejecting the throw away culture of the past, so the ‘make do and mend’ culture is gaining popularity.

Here are some simple ways you can look after your clothing and effect simple repairs:

  1. Repair a bra underwire

We all have that old faithful lurking in our underwear drawer, the go-to bra that never lets us down. However, if it’s underwired, then a sharp dig in the ribs is usually the first sign that the wire has come through the fabric. However, don’t despair, according to plus size shapewear specialist Elle Courbee, this can easily be repaired by pushing the wire back through and stitching the tear. If the tear is too frayed, you can make a patch using moleskin– simply cut an inch-long length and secure it over the hole. For extra durability, the patch can be stitched onto the casing. Use some glue or clear nail varnish to seal down the ends of the thread, to prevent uncomfortable chaffing.

  1. Hemming trousers

Rather than rush to a seamstress or tailor, this is really easy to do at home. You only need scissors, pins, a measuring tape and ruler, an iron and a needle and thread. You don’t even need a sewing machine, although this would obviously expedite the process. Simply follow these steps:

  • Measure your trouser length carefully, making sure you have the correct length and that both trouser legs are cuffed to the exact same length.
  • Pin both cuffs in place
  • Use a hot iron to make a crease at the fold where the trousers are to be cuffed
  • Sew the hem in place using blind stitch – either by hand or using a sewing machine

If you’re using tape, cut the correct length and remove any backing. Place the tape, then press down on it to fuse the cuff in place. However, iron-on tape usually works better, and can simply be placed inside the fabric of the cuff and ironed on using a hot iron, with no steam. Make sure you place a thin cloth over the trouser leg while using the iron. After ironing a section, lift the cuff to ensure it’s held in place before moving on.

  1. Mend a hole or tear

Iron-on patches are the go-to haberdashery items for all busy Moms out there. These are great for speedy repairs of ripped and snagged clothing. Simply turn the garment inside out, cut the iron-on patch to cover the tear – allowing a few extra millimetres for bonding on to the fabric, and use an iron (without steam) to set the patch in place. Again, when using an iron to secure fixing tape/patches, make sure you protect the fabric using a thin cloth.

  1. Repairing a zipper

Let’s face it, zippers were an amazing invention. But when they break, as opposed to buttons that easily be sewn back on, most people won’t attempt a repair and the clothing gets thrown in the trash. Some items will require a whole zip replacement, which is possible at home, following these steps. However, if it’s simply a case that the slider’s stopped working, then the fix is actually fairly straightforward:

  • using pliers, remove the stop from the top of the zipper
  • remove the slider
  • replace with a new slider (parts can easily be sourced from Amazon)
  • attach a new stop using pliers
  1. How to repair a snag in knitwear

This is a really simple and straightforward repair, but must be done as soon as possible after the item has snagged, to prevent further damage to the garment:

  • pull a threaded needle through the loop of the snag
  • tie a knot through the loop of the snag
  • using a needle, push the snag through to the inside
  • turn the garment inside out
  • make sure the snag is pulled through completely
  • tie a double knot at the base of the snag
  • trim away excess thread

Hope this article has given you the confidence to have a go at some simple mending. It’s really not that hard, and can save you time and money, as well as lead to your own business opportunity in what is becoming a boom industry.

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8 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Around a Popular Holiday

admin Posted in How To's Comments Off on 8 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Around a Popular Holiday

Planning your wedding around a particular holiday can bring with it a host of festive ideas. But if you’re thinking about one of the larger celebrated holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s or Halloween, you may need scheduling assistance to avoid additional expenses and ensure that your day is filled with fun.

Send Out Advanced Notice

Weddings can be quite costly, so adhering to a tight budget may help you when saving for your big day. If you’d like to host your wedding venue around a major holiday, you want book the place and date well in advance. This allows your guests plenty of time to plan ahead and secure the date. Traveling around the holidays can also be costly. If loved ones are coming from out of town, this also allows them the opportunity to shop around for the best rates on flights and hotel lodgings.

Deliver Festive Tidings

When you’re looking to brighten up your venue, wedding reception decorations should be decorative, unique and functional. If you’re planning a wedding around Valentine’s Day, you can focus on colorful hearts and cupids. Christmas is another joyous time of year where you can adorn your room and tables with illuminated trees, sprigs of holly, mistletoe and ornament place cards. While you don’t have to go overboard when choosing a theme, simple holiday touches can make the world of difference.

Construct a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are popular with today’s prospective bride and groom. It’s a way for the couple to post specific details and prepare guests for the upcoming date. If you’re planning a holiday wedding, include pertinent information on the wedding website such as the date, venue and time. You’ll also want to include suggestions for lodging close to your venue.

Plan for Additional Guests

The holidays are a time for children and families. If you’re planning on holding your wedding on Christmas or some other holiday, you may want to reassess your guest list. Although you may wish the wedding to be solely for adults, your guests may not want to leave the kids at home on this special holiday. Whatever your answer may be in regards to children, it’s important to decide well in advance of sending the invitations to avoid the familial drama.

Go Seasonal

You may have your heart set on a certain style or favorite food. But if you’re planning a holiday wedding reception, you want to stick with items that are seasonal. The chef may be able to serve up sumptuous farm-to-table fare using fruits, vegetables and other goodies that have been recently harvested. If you choose a fall wedding, pumpkin, squash, pomegranates, Brussel sprouts, apples and pears are all interesting items to work around. You also want to choose seasonal when you’re selecting flowers for your bouquet and table décor. Sun flowers, mums, dahlias, lilies, holly, evergreen stems and red or pink roses can capture the warmth and beauty of the fall and winter months.

Choose Your Music Wisely

If you’re planning on a Christmas or New Year’s celebration, you want to choose your wedding music wisely. Although “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells” are festive tunes, you want your guests to feel that they’re at a wedding and not a holiday celebration. The music that you would originally plan if you were wed any other time of year should be played

Plan for Higher Expenses

Holiday weddings can be a festive time of year to celebrate your nuptials. But you may also pay more to host your event on a special holiday. When you’re putting money away, set aside additional funds for higher priced items such as the venue or certain vendors. If you still have your mind set on a holiday wedding and money is tight, you can opt for cost-effective wedding options such as a brunch reception.

Set a Later Start Time

If you’re planning on exchanging vows on New Year’s Eve, you may want to set a later start time. Although most wedding receptions typically go past the midnight hour, a 2:00 pm vow exchange can make for a very long afternoon and evening. Instead of an afternoon service, see if you can hold your ceremony at the same place as your reception. With a later start time, guests can go right into dinner and prepare to ring in the New Year together with the newly married couple.

Holidays, especially when they include additional days added to the weekend, are a godsend to a bridal couple. It’s a way for them to create a fun and festive theme around their special day. The additional days can also allow guests the time needed to travel to and from the wedding.

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Hidden Tips for a Disney Vacation

admin Posted in Family, How To's Comments Off on Hidden Tips for a Disney Vacation

Disney World—two words that have an instant appeal to anyone with children as well as the child within us. Many families make it a goal to try and see this theme park at least once (maybe even several times). But, many would-be park goers aren’t getting the most out of their stay. Here’s some valuable tips and knowledge that you can put into practice when putting together your next Disney trip.

What’s New At Disney?

If you’re planning a trip to Disney in 2017, you’re likely going to want to plan your trip around one date: May 27th. This is when one of the most anticipated attractions in the park’s recent history opens its doors, Pandora: World of Avatar. The largest expansion in the history of Animal Kingdom, this new area promises to bring to life the floating mountains and glowing rainforests of James Cameron’s sci-fi hit. Naturally, this will be bringing some huge lines for the next year or so. Don’t be afraid to visit, just plan wisely (more on that later)

One thing that may not be on your radar but is worth looking into is Disney Springs. Formerly known as Downtown Disney, this dining and entertainment area officially finishes construction this year. Get ready for some great new restaurants like The Edison, The Boathouse, Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar, Morimoto Asia, and more.

Planning Wisely

Rather than suggesting the best time to visit Disney, we should lay out times where you generally want to avoid booking your trip. While it’s tempting to take advantage of those week-long breaks, especially if you have children, you’re generally asking for trouble. Naturally, it’s because anyone else with kids has the same idea! By the same token, summer has the same big crowds along with hot and humid weather.

In general, fall and Christmas make for a great combination of lower crowds, more agreeable weather, as well as some great events. These include the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in September. Another top event is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in early December. If you don’t have many opportunities to go to Disney, the holiday season is a great choice.

While it may not sound very fun, if you’re a first-time visitor, it pays to do your homework. If you have a family, take the time and sit down with your kids to try and see what type of rides they want to see the most. Don’t feel that you need to plan everything down, but a basic set of priorities will make things much easier for you later.

When you’re in the park proper, many use Fastpass to try and save time on the rides, but using this resource properly will help you in the long run. Take the time to look at the tip board in each park to see what the current waits are for each ride. Some of your Fastpass options generally have little wait, so try to avoid blowing your uses of this system when you don’t need it. Cueing up as single riders, even if you are a group, can cut down on your wait time as well.

Disney Fun Without A Massive Bill

One of the biggest things you need to figure out is where you are going to stay. Racing to the bottom when it comes to prices may seem like a viable strategy, but there are a few things to consider. First, there is the convenience factor (how close you are to the park). Keep in mind what food options you have available nearby. Where you stay is much more than where you lay your head after a long night out.

While you may be skeptical of using a resort package, these provide comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. This is especially the case at Disney, which is well known for its resorts. Learn more about the different vacation packages from Westgate Reservations at Here are some benefits that you can get by using one of these packages.

  • The spacious accommodations mean that you can get a suite or villa with enough room for large groups.
  • Avoid parking fees with complimentary shuttle service.
  • There is just as much entertainment at the resorts as at the parks themselves. This makes for a good fallback if the weather is rough.
  • Pet-friendly rooms for those who want to bring their furry friends.
  • Plenty of dining options on the premises. This means that you don’t have to worry about working dinner or any other meal into your plans.

From what you do to where you stay to how you save, a Disney vacation is prime for lifelong memories. Note that you can start it off on the right foot before you leave home. Use some of the insight from this article to help you guide on those essential planning moments—just don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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