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Fun Things for the Whole Family to Do While RVing in Kansas

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Fun Things  to Do While RVing in Kansas

Kansas gets kind of a bad rap for being a flat, desolate state that most people simply drive through on the way somewhere else. That’s not true! There are plenty of great things to do when you rent an RV and explore the state, especially if you’re traveling with young ones.

Here are some great vacation ideas if you find yourself in Kansas with the kids!

Visit a Zoo

There are a surprising number of zoos and animal sanctuaries in Kansas. The Topeka Zoo is probably the most popular. It features a tropical rainforest and free roaming animals, but it isn’t the only one.

A few other options include:

  • The Sedgwick County Zoo, which features 2,500 animals from 5 different continents
  • The K-State University Insect Zoo, if your kids are into creepy crawlies
  • Lee Richardson Zoo sits on 50 acres and offers free admission to the whole family
  • Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary & Education Center, if your kids have a thing for big cats

Have a Little Fun on the Farm

There was a time when flat and boring wasn’t a bad thing. Such a wide prairie expanse made it easy for our ancestors to farm. Today, there are plenty of fun opportunities to learn more about what living on the farm was like.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a popular place for families. It functions like a turn-of-the-century farmstead that features a wide array of amazing things that the kids will enjoy like:

  • A one-room schoolhouse
  • Dairy barn
  • Old-time fishing pond
  • 200 farm animals and birds of prey
  • Bottle-feeding baby goats
  • Milking cows
  • Ride in a wagon
  • Race a pedal tractor

Head Outdoors

Kansas is a big state. As a matter of fact, it’s the 15th largest state in the Union! With over 80,000 square miles, you can bet that it isn’t all flat grasslands and farms.

There are some really beautiful geological formations in Kansas that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, at Mushrooms Rock State Park, you can marvel at geological wonders that make you feel like you’ve stepped foot on another planet.

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is also worth a visit. Here, kids can touch the remnants of an inland ocean, ride an underground train, and observe the rock monoliths above.

Visit the Wild West

The Wild West holds a special place in many hearts, especially the hearts of children who want to become a cowboy! If your family is interested in the west, a stop at Dodge City is a must.

You can spend days exploring old residences, visiting museums, riding horses, and more. There is even a kid-friendly water park, if you need a day to remember that you’re actually in the 21st century!

Stop thinking of Kansas as a drive-through state and plan a vacation in your RV that allows you to soak up everything this state has to offer. Both the kids and the adults are sure to have a blast!

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Five Family-Friendly and Charming Raleigh Activities

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Five Family-Friendly and Charming Raleigh Activities

Raleigh, NC is filled with unexpected opportunities for family-friendly travel. You don’t even need to reserve a hotel room; simply pack your family into an RV rental and you’ll have everything you need to get your vacation started.

There isn’t any question that Raleigh is both a modern and cosmopolitan city. Yet, it has a laid-back vibe that seeps through your veins and produces a friendly relaxation that just feels good.

Raleigh doesn’t take itself too seriously

There is something refreshing about a city that is a finance center, yet, gives off pretty chill vibes. When it comes to the overall character of the city, you’ll find it abounds with southern charm. Still, it is this very charm that attracts tourists and new residents in droves.

Despite being trendy and growth-oriented, you’ll find it has a similar spirit and culture to Austin, TX but with the manners pertinent to a Southern upbringing. It’s truly relaxing to take your family to a city where you won’t have to worry about overcrowding or rude people.

Nonetheless, one of the best aspects of Raleigh is its affordability. You can find budget-friendly hotels that are in walking distance of many family-friendly attractions. And, the food choices are similar to many popular cities, but the prices are much more family-friendly.

Marbles Kids Museum

This is the perfect spot to take your kids. You’ll notice the museum promotes physical activity through play. Even the tykes will enjoy Toddler Hollow.

Another feature is the first and second floors being connected with musical stairs. There are plenty of options for hands-on play. There are even art materials to bring out everyone’s creative side.

Durham Central Park’s Food Truck Rodeo

If your family consists of foodies, then this would be the place to be. Durham is located within the greater Raleigh region (RDU). Here, you’ll find over 100 food trucks. So, there is plenty of food to sample. There are also many kid-friendly food truck options.

But, there’s more than just food. There are also fountains and plenty of green space. Park your RV, get out and try a few items. Another plus? Admission is free.

Dead Broke Farm

Here you’ll get to see and ride horses. And, the name is unforgettable. The good news is many of the horses were rehabilitated and rescued from bad situations. Now, they have a loving home and get to share that love with visitors.

Trainers are located on sight to show you how to treat the horses and how to ride them. A fun idea is an overnight camping trip, which they offer. You can also take part in a western-style riding lesson.


How can you leave Raleigh without experiencing the BBQ scene? Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love BBQ?

You will find some of the country’s best right here. One of the hottest spots is The Pit, which offers smoked and shredded pork flavored with vinegar and spices.

In conclusion

Raleigh marches to the beat of its own drum. Yes, it is a world-class city. But, it is also chock-full of family-friendly activities and southern charm you’ll learn to love instantly.

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What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

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Thinking about hiring a family law attorney? Wondering if it will be worth your while when there is so much else you need to get to? Don’t feel you have the time to do the research needed to find a trustworthy attorney?

According to The Law Offices of Miller & Steiert, P.C., a Denver family law attorney, they state, “We believe that the time you spend on contract review and estate planning in the present will save you, your business or your family from the cost and stress of going to court.”

So what can a family law attorney offer you? Here are some crucial times that having an attorney on speed dial is a good idea:

  1. Divorce and divorce proceedings.

When divorce is on the horizon, having someone you can trust and turn to becomes a top priority. Issues such as division of assets, child custody, and spousal support should be taken care of in a timely manner. And while you are going through the heartbreak of a divorce, shopping around for an attorney is the last thing you likely feel like doing. Finding an attorney you can trust takes time, research, and vetting. In the middle of a separation, you may be tempted to go with the first person who appears instead of finding a person that you connect with. And who you can trust to go the extra mile for you.

  1. Adoption and parental rights.

If you and your partner are considering adoption, one of the first moves you will want to make is that of finding a family lawyer. Adoption laws are complex and multilayered. One of the first steps in adoption is that of the birth parents giving up the legal rights to their child. The National Adoption Center states that there are many laws that may have an effect on the adoption process. Having an experienced attorney to help you navigate these laws is essential. It will smooth the way for the new member you want to welcome into your family.

Of course, adoption is not the only reason you may be seeking legal counsel. Due to trying circumstances, you may be considering giving up your parental rights. And this requires a lawyer you can trust to give you careful advice.

  1. Guardianship.

In the case of your death or in other dire circumstances, do you know who will take care of your children if you cannot? Failing to think this circumstance through could leave your children vulnerable. When parents do not appoint a guardian, and if there is no next of kin able to take responsibility, the children become the ward of the state.

Of course, not all children who become wards of the state have trying, stressful childhoods. But neither is their childhood one that you would have given to your children, if you had a say in the matter.

Appointing a guardian in the case of your death is a good move for all parents to make. Particularly if you wish to appoint someone who is not your next of kin. This will require drafting up documents with your family lawyer.

  1. A last will and testament.

Outside of appointing guardians for your children, you will want to create a will that provides for your children. If your children are still minors, then you will need to name someone who can manage your property until your children come of age. Creating a document that makes sure all contingencies are met and taken care of is vital to protecting your children. Gallup News reported that the majority of Americans do not have a will. This can create a trying circumstance for the loved ones you leave behind. And it can mean your estate is tied up in legal proceedings, when the matter could have been simplified and clarified if you had only made it a priority.

Hiring a family law attorney is a move that will protect you, your partner, your children, and those you love. Set aside time to research lawyers referred to you by friends and family. Read reviews, and get personal testimonials. The attorney you hire will be someone you will need to count on during difficult moments in your family’s life. So the decision should be made with care.

Choosing someone now, before you are confronted with a crisis, is a wise move to make. One that you will be thankful you made when you need your family lawyer during a crucial moment.

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