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For Moms at Home



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18 Responses to “For Moms at Home”

  1. perfect!

  2. Thank you!!

  3. This just made my day!! I am a stay at home mom, and have friends who do not have children. Sometimes I feel like I live in a different world then them! My best friend still does not have children , and sometimes makes me feel like her life is so much more important then mine!! It drives me nuts!
    Thanks for the boost!

  4. I love this! I have a childless friend who will call me in the middle of the day and expect me to talk and talk for hours! I tried to explain to her that I can’t talk forever because it leaves my very active 18 month old son unsupervised, and she replied, with “He’s not unsupervised, you’re right there”. Yeah, like I can chase and keep him out of things while trying to keep up a productive conversation with her. Its funny when I think back to before I had children and how I thought it wasn’t that hard. HA!

  5. Thank you!!! That idiot woman in Tacoma is either the stupidest person in the world or the most selfish! Oh, wait…she’s both! To even insinuate that a stay at home mom doesn’t do anything but uses her kids as an excuse to take it easy and relax knows NOTHING about raising kids! And she can’t pull her head out of her butt long enough to even try to understand! I work and I wish I could stay at home with my son! But even in the evenings and on weekends I can’t manage to get much done and I really don’t mind! I love him and I think it’s funny how much my husband and I used to do before he was born and how I thought I’d really miss it, but I don’t! I had to stay home with him the other day because he was sick and I didn’t even have the time to shower…no child-less woman could understand that! Thank you Carolyn for setting that poor excuse for a friend in her place! 🙂

  6. you ladies are really harsh on women who don’t have kids. the stupidest and most selfish person in the world? she doesn’t have kids, lady, get a grip – she doesn’t know how hard it is, and since the author clearly put her in her place, i don’t think you should feel the need to add your bitchy commentary. i don’t have kids. i have friends that do, and i’m 23. a close friend had a kid when we were 18, and for a while, no, i DIDN’T understand, but now i do. it just takes time, and your smartass comments won’t hurry along the lesson.

  7. This is perfect. I have 3 kids and 2 are homeschooled. I also work part time. I love it when people tell me how easy it is. Or when people (my mom) come home and wonder why dinner isn’t on the table at 4 pm. Thank you so much for sticking up for mom’s. It’s just as much a job and just as much work without the sick time and vacation time. (But far more rewarding).

  8. This was fantastic! I am a 10 month old new stay at home Mom and to be honest I could never put into words what it is I actually do all day! This made me feel so much better!

  9. that’s gotta be a wind up, is anyone that stupid?

  10. This is hilarious, my friend is the same way. I had my daughter when I was a freshman in college, and went on to get my master’s and now I work. And she has no clue how hard I work as a single mother, how much it takes out of me, and why I don’t have any free time!

  11. Beautiful!

  12. i have 2 kids- 8 and 4. the 4 year old only goes to school part time, and she stays with my sister-in-law the rest of the time because my hubby and i work. i do everything that the stay at home moms do plus have a career outside the home. i get them up, dressed, fed and prepare their lunches. i pick them up from school/ aunt’s house. sorry, stay at home moms, but i have tried both. working and moming full time is extremely hard, but rewarding. i don’t see why there needs to be a competition.

  13. Nope. Not buying it.

    I’m married to a wonderful woman who decided to stay at home when our child was born. I have heard first hand how taxing and busy a week can be with a little one in tow.

    However, I’ve taken some days on myself when she’s been away for the whole day / weekend. Yes, you’re busy. But you’re no busier than jobs I’ve had as a manual labourer. Or as a short order cook. Or in an office environment.

    There’s time to watch tv. Time for a nap if you wish. Try doing that working at the meat packing company! Strangely, there’s also enough time for an email, a phone call, some facebook, ad nauseum.

    Now, I do understand what you give up when staying at home. There’s much less adult interaction. There’s less problem solving and mental exercise. These are not my words. They’re hers.

    Now that the little one is a little older and my wife is back in the corporate world, she laments giving up the old stay-at-home days. The stress at the office is so much greater, she says. She wanted to go back to work because it would be easier, she thought.

    Be careful what you wish for, she now warns.

  14. omg. THAT was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This pumped the blood a little too fast for me, but yes, it was right on and a triumphant moment for those of us who actually care about our own children.

    I would continue, but I know I’ll rant.

  16. Go easy on Tacoma. I was like her, and wondered why my sisters and friends seemed to drop off the face of the earth for about 10 years when they had kids. I swore I wouldn’t do that if I ever had them. But now I do have them, and I kind of do drop out of sight a lot. And I don’t think my friends without kids really get it, and they may feel slighted, and I do feel bad about it, but I’m doing my best.

    It’s harder for those of us who need down time and alone time. Parenting is an incredibly extroverted activity. If you don’t thrive in extroversion, you are drained dry, no matter how much you love being home with your kids.

  17. I have to say that I am a single mother of a boy and a girl who are incredibly active children(toddlers) and who are only 13 months apart. I work full time (45+) hours per week, keep my house decently clean, do laundry, clean dishes, cook, daycare, playdates and grocery shopping and I am still able to squeeze in that weekly or twice a week phone call to my best friends. It is on rare occassions that I am able to find a sitter, I can actually go out for drinks or even have the friends come over after the kids have gone to bed. Doesn’t happen often but it does happen. I think that if Tacoma really wanted to keep her friendship THAT active, pehaps she could try to help or offer to accompany to the grocery store or come for dinner some time…. make the effort. Just because she doesn’t have kids doesn’t mean that her friends with kids have to ditch them in order to spend time with her.

  18. I was just put in this spot except my friend has kids that are in school, so just like not having kids during the day-my busy time!
    If you would like to exchange links, I have a work at home site, and I can add you to my resources page under work at home blogs if you could add my blog to yours. Just let me know!

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